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About Film Columbus

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Film Columbus takes a forward-thinking approach to the creative industry, recognizing that “film” now encompasses a rich tapestry of disciplines, from animation and game development to education and exhibition.

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The traditional lines between film, animation, and game development are steadily blurring, presenting exciting possibilities for creators in our vibrant community. The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit now extends its support to all these entertainment sectors, reinforcing our commitment to fostering diverse talents.

Columbus is poised to play a leading role in the convergence of entertainment and technology, positioning itself as a hub within the broader “film” landscape. We invite you to be part of our journey as we redefine storytelling and entertainment in Ohio, setting new standards while celebrating the diverse forms of creative expression that thrive in our city.

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Columbus Locations

Chances are, it’s in Columbus

Columbus and central Ohio offer a wide range of landscapes for various types of productions. Within just an hour’s drive from downtown Columbus, you can access urban areas, rural settings, hills, caves, rivers, and more. It’s a diverse and convenient backdrop for your creative projects, providing plenty of options to suit your production needs.

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