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What does Film Columbus do?

Film Columbus is tasked with promoting Columbus and central Ohio as a filmmaking destination which will result in a positive economic impact through job creation, tax revenue, and use of infrastructure (hotels, hospitality resources, equipment rental).

To enrich our community through the art AND business of film.

By convening and empowering individuals, organizations and businesses in the spirit of collaboration.

So that Columbus is recognized as a top city for film production, education and exhibition and film is recognized as an art form that has a measurable impact on the economy, individuals and community.


Does Film Columbus provide funding for independent projects?

No. Film commissions, by definition, are not funding sources. We do however, work closely with the Greater Columbus Arts Council to provide minimal direction for grants and fellowship opportunities.


If I send you a script, will you read it and pass it on to producers or agents?

We are more than happy to read scripts that will film in Columbus and the surrounding area. We do not provide feedback and we are not able to pass scripts on to producers or agents.


Do I need a permit to film in Columbus?

See our Permits & Procedures page.


Do I have to be a member of a union to work in the film industry in Ohio?

No. There are multiple non-union productions that occur throughout the year. We do encourage all non-union productions to adhere to strict safety guidelines as presented by local unions. For union information see the IATSE Local 209 website:


If I want to work in the film industry, where do I start?

There are many schools in the central Ohio area that have film programs. These include The Ohio State UniversityColumbus College of Art & DesignCapital UniversityKenyon CollegeDenison UniversityOhio University and Wright State University.

Due to COVID-19, all other introduction training classes have been put on hold.

If a university or college experience is not an option we suggest looking at online training and educational opportunities such as Stage 32 or Sundance Co//ab. Both are free to join and provide many no-cost and low-cost online training and information programs.


How can I promote my house or property as a filming location?

Send an email to, and we’ll work with you to possibly get your property listed on our locations page. Please be prepared to share MULTIPLE, HIGH-QUALITY photos with us and a description of your property.


Are there permits needed for drone operation?

While permits are not needed, there are strict FAA regulations that must be followed. To read the rules and to register a drone, visit:

Basic rules:

  • Flying a drone within 5 miles of an airport is prohibited (this includes downtown Columbus)
  • Fly at or below 400’
  • Flying a drone over a stadium or sporting event is prohibited
  • If you are using private property to fly a drone you must have permission of the property owner


For additional drone information, visit:

Stay Informed