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News / Posted on: February 13, 2015

Open Auditions for 419 Productions

419 Productions is a production company made up of three (3) smaller companies consisting of Ohio University film students. They are looking for actors for upcoming projects. The projects consist of three (3) short films to be shot in Ohio from March through the beginning of April 2015. They will be holding open auditions to cast for roles.

Union and non-union actors are welcome to audition. If SAG actors are cast, the productions will abide by SAG guidelines.


Friday, January 23rd, 7:00pm-10:30pm

Peters Township High School
264 E. McMurray Rd.
McMurray, PA. 15317

Saturday, January 24th, 12:00pm-4:00pm

Cleveland Public Library
325 Superior Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio. 44114

Sunday, January 25th, 9:00am-1:00pm

565 Metro Place S., Suite 200
Dublin, Ohio. 43017

Please Bring:

Headshot, Resume, Prepared Monologue

Video auditions can to be submitted by e-mail

About the projects:

Without A Hero –

A Russian woman travels to the United States to meet a young man, but their contentious relationship comes to a parting of the ways.


Casey – male, mid to late 30s, divorced and not looking for marriage

Irina – female, late 20s, from the Soviet Union, beautiful, materialistic, hopeless romantic

Rob Peterson – male, mid to late 30s, Casey’s fraternity brother, never really grew up, slightly overweight

Sushi Chef – male, mid 20s to late 30s, speaks Japanese

The Retiree –

Connie is a veteran, a former marine, who raised his three (3) sons on his own after his wife deserted the family. After being laid off from his job, he resorted to unethical means of paying the bills.


Connie – male, 60 to 75 years old, former marine, tough bank robber

Jack – male, late 40s, Connie’s son, sheriff, responsible

Vivian – female, late 40s, diner waitress

Buzz – male, 35 to 45, Connie’s son, prison guard

Chip – male, 35 to 45, Connie’s son, police officer

Minor Roles – bank officer, bank worker

Tooth And Claw –

A young man with a complex past opens himself to new experiences when he finds himself in bizarre circumstances with a free spirited woman.


Oliver Clark – male, 21 to 25, 5’8″ to 6′ tall, introvert who is intelligent and has OCD

Katrina – female, 20 to 30, 5’6″ to 5’8″ tall, headstrong woman with a history of failed relationships

Don – male, 50 to 60, a loving man who is rough around the edges

Aunt Laura – female, 50 to 60, Uncle Don’s wife who cares too much

Ledwig – male, 38 to 50, handsome, impulsive, daring and selfish

Oliver’s Mother – female, 30 to 40, must be comfortable with suicide scenes, possible nudity involved

For further information or to submit video auditions contact:

John Householder –

Stay Informed