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News / Posted on: May 8, 2019

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thousands of Jobs Could Be Lost With the Elimination of the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit

Thousands of Jobs Could Be Lost With the Elimination of the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit

(Columbus, OH) – The Ohio House of Representatives last week proposed the elimination of the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit. While the proposed budget has to still make its way through the Senate, this would be devastating to the film industry in Columbus and around the state.

“This would affect thousands of jobs in Ohio,” says John Daugherty, Executive Director of the Greater Columbus Film Commission. “And there has been very significant investment locally into the industry. Tens of millions of dollars has been invested locally from companies like Ohio Film Group, Central Grip and Central Lighting, and Ohio HD. Ohio Film Group currently employs over 20 full-time employees with plans to expand to almost 50 employees by the end of the year.”

Three separate economic impact studies from around the state have all come to the same conclusion that for every dollar put into the program, the state sees a $1.90 return. The study in Columbus was done by economist Dr. Bill Lafayette, the Cleveland study was done by Cleveland State University, and a study out of Cincinnati was done by University of Cincinnati.

The motion picture tax credit in Georgia contributed over $9.5 billion to the Georgia economy in 2017. It’s big business in other states as well including New Mexico, Pennsylvania, New York, and Utah. Ohio could be on that list. The film commissions from around the state are working together to keep the credit in place and grow the industry to keep jobs and dollars in our Ohio.

According to the latest study from Ohio Citizens for the Arts, the Columbus motion picture/video industry ranks 4thout of 15 for employment in creative industries with a direct total of 1,622 jobs. It ranks 6thout of 15 for direct spending in the creative industries at over $236 million.

“It would also impact the multitude of educational institutions around Columbus and Ohio and their efforts to reduce ‘brain drain’ by not providing opportunities for graduates of film programs,” continues Daugherty. “In the coming weeks we will be asking those thousands of individuals and businesses that could be affected to contact the Senate, House, and the DeWine administration to tell their story and ask them to keep the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit in place.”

About the Greater Columbus Film Commission The Greater Columbus Film Commission (Film Columbus) aims to grow the film industry in Columbus and central Ohio by creating jobs and providing significant economic impact for the area. “We feel film is both art and business that enriches our communities. We believe Columbus has the potential to be recognized as a top city for film education, exhibition, and production,” says John Daugherty, Executive Director of Film Columbus. For more information, visit

Economic impact studies have been completed in Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. The three studies were completed by different institutions or firms and did not reference each other. All three studies came to the same conclusion that for every $1 that is put into the program the state reaps approximately $2 in return. To read the Columbus study click HERE. This study makes an assumption of two low-budget films shooting in Columbus.

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