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News / Posted on: February 13, 2015

Brand New Game Show Seeking Contestants

BRAND NEW GAME SHOW on a MAJOR NETWORK (one of the big 3). This show has A HUGE NAME attached to it! And they will be in Ohio soon auditioning for contestants!

Each episode will feature A PAIR of contestants. So they are looking for TWO PEOPLE per episode who share a STRONG BOND. This could mean FAMILY MEMBERS, NEIGHBORS, BEST FRIENDS, LONG-TERM COLLEAGUES, or even A COUPLE who shared an important experience together!

This TRIVIA BASED GAME SHOW will be unlike any other! Not only will this duo have a once in a life-time opportunity, the lucky pair of contestants will be given the chance to WIN A LIFE-CHANGING AMOUNT OF MONEY.

Interested participants should shoot an email to:


Names, Ages, Contact Info, Professions, Hometowns

AND a BRIEF Description of Relationship

AND BRIEFLY Explain How Winning A Life-Changing Amount Of Money Would Impact Your Lives!!

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