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News / Posted on: February 11, 2015

Be a Movie Extra! See the Action! Experience the Excitement!

Columbus is a prime area to experience a boom in filmmaking and extras you need to get ready!

Background extras are an important component of any movie set! Extras give ambiance to a scene, sometimes even stealing it.

If you are an aspiring actor and want to learn set etiquette and the nuances of filmmaking answering this casting call is your perfect start!

If you are just interested in being in a movie for the fun and excitement of it, then this could be your chance! Experience the excitement!

Penny Candy Casting is seeking background extras of all ethnicities, sizes, shapes and ages. Please submit your photo and/or headshot and include your email, height, weight, clothing sizes

If you have an auto, classics especially, include the make, model, year, color and 1 photo. Films need autos too.

Stay Informed