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Casting Call For National Adult Beverage Commercial
Casting Rugged, Outdoor Men For a Reunion Style Commercial

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Dan Bell Casting is conducting a national search for non-actor, real outdoor, rugged type men that work on film crews and have friends of same type for a national beverage commercial.

They are casting guys 25-45 years old who have a core group of real friends from grade school, high school, work or college that might be in separate locations now due to work, life, moving, etc., yet have great fun time stories that keep them close. And, they miss those fun times together. They specifically are interested in film crew members as the company particularly loves the close camaraderie they exhibit. However, they will also consider mountain climbers, kayakers, white water rafters, etc.

They will be conducting interviews via Skype immediately!

If this is you or someone you know please submit the following information to:






This will be a paid project.

Auditions For Indie Film
Auditions Still Set For Today

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Due to an error in the server a post concerning auditions for today for an indie film was deleted.

If you planned on auditioning, YES, the auditions are still being held today, from 1 until 3:30.

Address: 909 West Fifth Avenue, Just west of Olentangy River Road in the Zauber Brewing Building.

Come to the SIDE DOOR at the BACK of the building. Door is labeled "Suite J".

Thank you!

"We're Here Now" Web Series Casting Call
Low Budget SAG/AFTRA Seeks Talented Actors

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A Web Series

Production Company:
1637 Productions

Please send professional headshot and resume to and in subject line, put the role (character's name).

Please only apply for roles for which you fit the profile of the character. Audition location and times will be sent via email should you be asked to audition. The first round of auditions will be held on May 31st and June 1st in Dayton, Ohio.

Filming for "We're Here Now" is slated for late September/ early October 2014.


After being dumped by his girlfriend on the night he planned to propose, New York columnist and relationship advisor Chad Buchanan takes a third rate job in Ohio to escape his seemingly miserable life. But when his two best friends - socialite Jen Buckely and NY's most eligible nympho Gavin Fairmount - learn of his location, they assume the worst and take off for parts unknown to rescue their friend from, what they assume to be, a mental breakdown.


Female / Any Ethnicity / 25-30
Jennifer (Jen) Buckley is a New York socialite. She is from a very wealthy old money family. Sarcastic and cold at times, but uses it as a defense mechanism. She is best friends with Chad and Gavin.

Male / Caucasian / 25-35
Gavin Fairmount is a photographer and part time model. He is extremely handsome and uses his good looks to get what he wants. He seems a bit shallow and narcissistic, but like Jen's snobbery, it's all a facade to hide his insecurities.

Male / Caucasian / 25-35
Chad Buchanan wears his heart on his sleeve and eats his feelings (literally). Formerly overweight, Chad tends to fall back into his unhealthy ways when his emotions are heightened. Sweet guy, great friend, charming and traditionally handsome. Out of the three, Chad is the level headed one with the least amount of issues, but the others don't see it that way.

Male / Any Ethnicity / 35-55
Greg is Chad's agent and friend. No one knows his last name as he only goes by Greg and his agency is simply called Greg's Artists Agency. He is overly dramatic at times, flamboyant and unintentionally funny. (Recurring Character)

Female / Any Ethnicity / 25-35
Sarah is a barista at the local coffee shop Chad hangs out in. She befriends Chad and helps him and his friends navigate the area. She's insightful, honest (sometimes too honest), and down to earth. She is one of the only girls who doesn't fall for Gavin's charms. (Recurring Character)

Male / Any Ethnicity / 25-35
David Lombard owns the Lombard Art Gallery. David inherited the gallery from his family, but knows nothing about art. Kind, charming, handsomely rugged. David and Jen share a moment and Jen offers to help him with the gallery. (Recurring Character)

Female / Any Ethnicity / 35-45
Carol is Chad's boss at the nonprofit he's writing for. She's infatuated with Chad because he's new meat in a company that's mainly made up of women and old men. Professional, charming, but a little intimidating at the same time. (Recurring Character)

Female / Any Ethnicity / 25-35
Vicki is a fellow writer at the nonprofit Chad works at. She's an obvious beauty hiding behind glasses, unmanaged hair and conservative attire. She and Chad become friends, but it's obvious that she might be interested in more. She is a book worm, cardigan wearing nerd.

Male / Any Ethnicity / 20-30
Ben is subletting Chads apartment in NYC. He is represented by Greg and is very muscular and handsome. Think Abercrombie model. (1 scene, 6 lines)

Male / Any Ethnicity / 20-40
The airline agent who hates his job and is very sarcastic. He and Jen get into a confrontation after they've been at the airport all night waiting for a flight to Dayton. (1 scene, 4 lines)

Male or Female / Any Ethnicity / 25-45
Bartender at a club/restaurant downtown. (Recurring, 2 lines, 1 scene)

Female / Any Ethnicity / 20-30
Looking for attractive women who are comfortable in swimsuits and with being photographed during a scene. The character of Gavin is a photographer and is shooting for a swimsuit catalogue.

Female / Any Ethnicity / 25-35
Beautiful woman at the bar. She and Gavin come out of the bathroom together, insinuating they've just had sex.

Blonde Female Stereotypical Model Types Needed For "Johnny Fooseball"
Must Be Over 21 For Bar Scene

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Blonde Females, Stereotypical Model Types, needed for film short, "Johnny Fooseball" for bar scene.

Must be over 21 and look to be between the ages of 21 and 26 years old.

Filming will take place in the Columbus area this coming weekend from Friday, April 25th through Sunday, April 27th.

If interested in auditioning, please e-mail head shots or photos and resume (if available) to before 3pm on Thursday, April 24th.

Casting Call For "Jonny Fooseball"
Elevate Pictures and Homage In Search Of Cast

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Elevate Pictures and Homage are in search of the main cast and background extras for their production, "Johnny Foosball." which will shoot April 25, 26 and 27 in Columbus, Ohio. The following roles are being cast:

JOHNNY FOOSEBALL: MALE, 20's, Ivy League athlete. All American idiot with big, beautiful hands.
CHANCE CHANLEY: MALE, 20's, rock n' roll athlete with a flare for the extreme.
• BROOKE MATTHEWS: FEMALE, 20's, the blonde trophy with a heart of gold.
• DENTON COOPER: MALE, 30's, Super-slick sports agent with greased back hair and million dollar smile.
• HOWARD FOOSEBALL: MALE, 50's, A worn alcoholic who looks better in his mugshots. Aged beyond his years.
• MICHAEL B. SMITH: MALE, 40's, Stephen A. Smith look-alike
KIP BAYLOR: MALE, 50's, Skip Bayless look-alike
RAWSON: MALE, 40's, An overweight, seedy bookie with bad hygiene.
MODERATOR: MALE, 40's, Perfect hair with a perfect TV smile.
INTERVIEWER: FEMALE, 30's, A hard-nosed go getter not afraid to follow the big story. Attractive, even in the suit.
• SCOUT: MALE, 50's, The hair that he has left is starting to gray.
ANCHOR: MALE, 30's, Energetic. Looks like a former athlete.

Bar Patrons: MALE and FEMALE (College Aged)
Extreme fans: MALE and FEMALE (All Ages)
5 Fooseball Players: MALE, 20's through 40's

Casting Call Location:
The Greater Columbus Film Commission
Tuesday, April 22nd, 3p.m. to 9p.m.
905 W. Fifth Avenue, Suite J
Columbus, Ohio 43201

For more information contact: Casting Director, Candy Bennett

Local Independent Union Production In Search Of Cast Members

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Adam Mark Brown, the director of "I Dreamed I Searched for You in Heaven", is in search of important cast members for his new independent feature project, "Daniel And Siri", to be shot in Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio.

This is a SAG/UNION project.

Compensation is $100/day.


New Posting:
Young Daniel (Male, Caucasian) - 8 to 10 yrs old. Daniel as a child. Daniel is an artist who grows up in a religious family. Sensitive and very imaginative.

New Posting:
Young Daniel (Male, Caucasian) - 10 to 13 yrs old. Daniel's older brother when he was young.

Jacob (Male, Caucasian) - Mid to late 30's. Large build, with a full beard. A Christian minister and estranged brother of the lead character, Daniel.

Any actors interested in auditioning should email their resume and head shot to ASAP:

Director: Adam Mark Brown

Crew Call Updated - "The Tank" - Immediate Crew Needs

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The feature film, "The Tank," will be filming in Columbus and Central Ohio, starting in late April (2014) and they are still in need of filling some key positions on their crew.

If you are union, will work as a local in central Ohio and are available to work from mid-April through the end of May (2014), please submit your resume by Tuesday, April 8th, at 5:00pm to:

In the subject field of the email, type the crew position for which you are submitting your resume.

PLEASE DO NOT respond to this email. The email to submit to is:

Crew Needs:

  • Art Dept. (Construction, Carpenters - can be non-union)

  • Camera Dept. (1ACs, 2ACs, Data Manager)

  • Catering

  • Costumers (2)

  • Craft Services

  • Dog Wrangler

  • Electrics: Best Boy, Electricians (2)

  • Gaffer

  • Grips: Best Boy, Dolly, Grips (2)

  • Make-up Artist & Hair Stylist (Be able to do both)

  • Make-up Effects

  • Physical Effects

  • Production Accountant

  • Props Assistant

  • Script Supervisor

  • Set Medic

  • Sound Department: Mixer, Boom, Utility

  • Stills Photographer

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Transpo Captain

If you do not fit the specs for these positions, or will be unavailable, but you know of someone that may be interested in any of these positions, please forward this announcement to them. Your assistance is much appreciated!

Thank you so much for your support of Film Columbus. Great things are happening! Hopefully, this will be the first of many feature films!

Skilled Carpenters Needed For Set Build Job
Own Tools A Plus!

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Skilled carpenters needed immediately for approximately 4-6 weeks to work in the Granville area. Own tools a plus!

Please e-mail resume and/or references and contact info to:

Please share with your friends and family!

Thank you!


Angella Smith
Production Coordinator
The Greater Columbus Film Commission

Extras Casting Call For "The Tank"

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Please email Angela with headshot to if interested. Put in the subject The Tank Background. Please include phone number

Casting Call For "The Tank"
Low Budget SAG Feature Film To Be Shot In Columbus Seeking Cast

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Casting Call for "The Tank" By Glacier Films
Cast in Cleveland/Columbus | Low Budget SAG Feature Film | Starts: April 21-May 21

Director: Kellie Madison
Producers: Tove Christensen and Steven Schneider
Line Producer: Patrick Stapleton
Casting Company: OPA Casting
Casting Director: Angela Boehm

Electronic Submissions/ Scheduled Auditions
Phone: 440-235-6722
Submissions Headshot and Resume ASAP
Pay Rate: low budget SAG Scale + 10%

Audition Dates: Wednesday 3/26 and Thursday 3/27
Audition Location: 6941 Columbia Rd. Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138
Callback Dates: Monday 3/31 in Columbus

On April 26,2012, six highly trained candidates step inside of the isolated Confined Environment (the Ice Sat 5) in the middle of Antarctica, designed to simulate the lengthy trip to Mars. The door, shuts, locks and won't open again for 467 days. The goal of the mission is to see how the human psyche functions in an extreme environment for an extended period of time.


Kaylin: (30-45) Will's wife. She's suffered the tragic loss of her daughter and it shows on her face. She is also highly educated and works at the Global Space Agency. STRONG ACTING REQUIRED. (Plays 5 days)

Jessie: (5-9) Female. Hopefully plays young. Sweet and innocent. STRONG ACTING REQUIRED. (Plays 3 days) Must see headshot so I can match her with our LA Talent.

Chris: (30-45) Male. Nerdy, high-tech computer type. Good comedic timing. Think Wayne Knight in Jurassic Park- type.

Jerron: (30's) Male. High tech space geek. Any ethnicity.

Michael: (35-45) Male. Highly educated candidate for the space isolation mission. He has one too many skeletons in the closet.

Yan: (30-45) Male. Asian. Very serious, quirky looks welcome.

Alejandro: (30-45) Male. Fit, astronaut. Open Ethnicity. STRONG ACTING REQUIRED

Facilitator: (30-45) Open Ethnicity. Believable as a scientist.

Julias daughter: #1(5-6) Young and cute, should like Julia (Marguerite Moreau)

Julia's daughter #2: (7-9) Young and cute, should look like Julia (Marguerite Moreau)

Driver:(All Terrain)

Camelot Cellars Film Series presented by Film Columbus
March 26th (Wednesday), 2014

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Join Film Columbus (The Greater Columbus Film Commission) and local filmmakers for our first installment of a monthly film series at Camelot Cellars. Come discover the talented filmmakers Columbus has to offer while also indulging in wine and small plates.

Entry is free of charge. Come on out, enjoy some wonderful wines and watch some locally made

Where: Camelot Cellars at 958 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201
When: Wednesday, March 26th from 6-9 PM (come and go as you please)

Featured Short Films and Music Videos:
Cover of TLC 'Scrubs' by Elijah Aaron
Skunky Precious Ranch by Laura Sanders
Congressdude by Travis Irvine
Cruisin' Campus by Colin Scianamblo
ACME - Girlfriend Tonight by Nigel Lyons
Cover of Lorde's 'Royals' by Johnny Hochstetler
I Love BMX by Brant Moore
Melancholy by Heather Taylor
HELIXAPORT by Hunter Preston
OH -> CA by Richard Smith
by Laura Thatcher

A portion of the proceeds towards wine and food will go back to Film Columbus to help support the mission of the non-profit organization. For more information on Film Columbus, visit:

Film projector provided by Ohio HD Video:

The mission of Film Columbus: to promote Columbus and Central Ohio as a prime filming destination while providing filming resources to local and visiting productions.

North Market and Gateway Film Center Announce Downtown Drive-in

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Tradition meets technology in this fun collaboration between two of Columbus's treasured organizations, North Market and Gateway Film Center. Starting in May, downtown will be home to the only downtown drive-in east of the Mississippi. "Drive-in's are incredible. They're a part of America's movie past, but they're nearly all gone. Our downtown drive-in brings back this wonderful way to see movies but in an innovative way," states Johnny DiLoretto, director of communications for Gateway Film Center.

The films will be projected in the parking lot of North Market on a 30-foot tall screen.Guests will be able to tune into movies through their FM car stereo or at one of the designated speaker sections for moviegoers arriving by foot or other alternative transportation. A special section for these guests will include bleacher seating with remote speakers.

Family friendly is also on the bill for the drive-in. According to North Market Executive Rick Harrison Wolfe, "We want to expose families to a little bit of the past. Kids today are not that familiar with the concept of a drive-in. This is a fun way to experience history. Our first two movies are a great night out for the family."

Three drive-ins are scheduled and will kick-off on May 3 with the family classic, Toy Story followed by the comedic supernatural classic Ghostbusters on June 13, and wind down with the nail-biting thriller Jaws on July 25.North Market merchants will provide the yummy concessions for the movies and activities will be planned on the Market's plaza. Tickets are $18 per vehicle (so fill up the car) and $5 for pedestrians and those using other means of transportation. Tickets will be available day of at the drive-in.

Movies will begin at sundown (around 9PM) and are rain or shine. "This is the perfect summer event and the perfect summer partnership. The Gateway Film Center is thrilled to be working with North Market to bring these modern classics to central Ohio," says Chris Hamel, president, Gateway Film Center.

Downtown Drive-in Fast Facts:
* Toy Story, Saturday, May 3
* Ghostbusters, Friday, June 13
* Jaws, Friday, July 25
* Only drive-in east of the Mississippi.
* Collaboration between North Market and Gateway Film Center
* North Market has 130 available parking spaces.

About North Market
In operation since 1876, the North Market is Columbus' only true public market. More than 30 merchants offer a wide variety of fresh produce, meat, poultry, seafood, flowers and other specialty food items. The Market also provides an international selection of freshly prepared foods, distinctive gifts and personable service from owner/operators and is home to the oldest Farmers' Market in Central Ohio. The North Market is open daily and located steps away from the Columbus Convention Center and Nationwide Arena.

About Gateway Film Center
The Gateway Film Center is central Ohio's first dedicated film center and features a diverse mix of independent and commercial film in an intimate and stimulating environment. The interesting film mix, on-site dining in the Torpedo Room, state of the art digital projection systems, guest friendly staff and sophisticated atmosphere make the Gateway Film Center the definitive cinema of choice for area film lovers.


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OPEN CALL - Columbus, OH!!!

ATTENTION SPIDEY FANS! ACTION CASTING is looking for knowledgeable and enthusiastic Spider-Man super fans to audition for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Come to one of our regional fan search events and you may get an opportunity to swing like Spidey, meet a cast member, or go behind-the-scenes of the new movie The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Five people will be selected to be featured in a promotional campaign which will air across the networks of NBCUniversal.

• Be an avid Spider-Man fan and knowledgeable about all things Spider-Man.
• Attend one of the regional selection events, happening in various cities across the US at the date & location outlined below.


• Be available to fly to Los Angeles, CA or New York, NY March 31st-April 7th 2014 (exact dates tbd) to participate in a special Spider-Man experience and agree to be documented on film during this experience.
• Agree to appear in a national promotional campaign across the properties of NBCUniversal related to Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film release.

You'll travel to either Los Angeles, CA or New York, NY for two days with all expenses paid in the first week of April to film a national promotional campaign for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
If you are under 18 years of age you are required to have a parent/guardian accompany you at the audition.

For questions and all other inquiries please contact us at

Spider-Man and related characters and elements: TM & © 2014 Marvel. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the Movie © 2014 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. In Theaters May 2.

Bridal Show Casting
Producers of "Say Yes To The Dress" are Casting For Their New Cable Show

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Two top bridal boutiques want to show YOU who's... BEST IN BRIDAL

Do you get told you should have your own show ALL the time? Is the spotlight always on you? And if not...should it be? If that's the case AND you need a drop dead dazzlin' dress for your trip down the aisle...this could be the show for you!

Half Yard Productions (Say Yes to the Dress, Randy to the Rescue, I Found the Gown) have teamed up with a major cable/lifestyle network to help you (or someone you know) find a gorgeous gown!

Whether you're a classic queen bee bride on the hunt for a traditional gown that packs a punch, an emotional gal who needs help getting over some bridal blues or a modern style maven looking for a dress with a twist you can't find anywhere, we can solve your dress dilemma! As long as your diva potential is high, then all you have to do is shop till you drop and let US put an end to the drama!
Here's how you get started!

If you have a HUGE personality, a very opinionated entourage, are willing to travel to the greater Chicago area, and would LOVE to be on camera, then email us your contact info (full name, phone number, age, where you live etc.) and some photos ASAP to:

FREE Screening of "Bad Words" At Gateway TOMORROW

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TOMORROW - Wednesday, March 5th at 7:30 pm, there will be a free screening of Jason Bateman's new movie, "Bad Words" at The Gateway Film Center.

Think "Bad Santa" meets "Spelling Bee", and you have "Bad Words".

"It's going to be a riot and we'd love to see you out there," says Frederick Mintchell, marketing and promotions director for Campus Circle Media, an online/print college newspaper out of Los Angeles that will be hosting the free screening event.

The screening is FREE for anyone in the OSU and surrounding community to attend. College students are particularly welcome to attend since FREE is always a good thing when you are in college and schools needs come first!! So, gather up your friends and take a break from study time for a few minutes to come on out and enjoy "Bad Words"!

Here's a link to the screening page where YOU can get the FREE passes: BAD WORDS

And here's a link through Gofobo where YOU can also download passes for the FREE screening: BAD WORDS

Crew Call For Untitled Feature Film
Untitled Feature Film Shooting In Columbus This Spring Needs Crew

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An Untitled Feature Film will be filming in Columbus and Central Ohio, starting in the Spring of 2014 (28 day shoot). This could be the first of many feature films from this production company.

After reading the crew needs below (and if interested and qualified), please email with your resume and cover letter. In the subject field of the email, reference the crew role for which you are applying.

This will be a union production. However, both union and non-union crew should submit.

The email to submit to is:

Crew Needs:

  • Location Manager

  • Production Coordinator

  • Camera Dept. (1ACs, 2ACs, Data Manager)

  • Art Dept. (Art Director, Lead Men, Set Dec, Set Dressers, Construction)

  • Props Master

  • Catering

  • Wardrobe Assistant

  • Costume Designer Assistant

  • Sound

  • Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

  • Production Accountant

  • Production Secretary

  • PAs

Thank you so much for your support of Film Columbus. Great things are happening! Hopefully, this will be the first of many feature films in Columbus and central Ohio as we work diligently here at Film Columbus to bring in features and put local crew to work!!

Film Columbus Is Seeking Several Location Types For Productions

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Over the last week, Angella, the production coordinator for Film Columbus, has had several requests for varied locations by productions for them to utilize for their film and video shoots.

Please take a look at the list, below, and if you have a similar location type or know of someone who does that will consider allowing a commercial or film to shoot their project there, please call Angella at 614-743-9549 right away for more details!

If your location matches what the productions are looking for, you will get the chance to see a film, commercial or video shoot in progress-which can be very cool! And, you may receive a fee for the use of your home, apartment, business or loft - depending on the production, some have available funds to pay a small fee of the use of the space.

Locations Needed:
* Loft or apartment or home that has an Ikea look to it - AND also must have a fireplace with a mantle

* Small restaurant - will use during closed times, so as not to interrupt your daily business

* Warehouse in good condition - not in use but with interesting looking offices and possibly left behind machinery (machinery will not be used - just for "set dressing"

* Small athletic facility or gym - will use during closed times, so as not to interrupt your daily business

* Church with a main aisle right down the middle of the church - can be a small church or a large church, country or modern style - no particular denomination preferred

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE!! Please, if you call and get Angella's voicemail, please leave a message and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

Columbus-based queer short film production seeks leads and extras

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Furious Saint Jack & Otter, Alone is a micro-budget integration of slam poetry, digital video, and narrative, exploring the ideas of spontaneous connection in gay bar culture and the city as liberator.

Otter (lead) - Scruffy, internal. Struggles with isolation and disillusionment. Narrates a vast majority of the piece.
Furious Saint Jack (lead) - Exotic, smoldering, passionate. Otter's companion in emotional escape.
Troy (supporting) - Handsome, built. Typical flirty bartender.
Bar patrons (extras)

Shooting will take place over a weekend in mid-March.

For audition info please contact with interest and a headshot.

The Greater Columbus Film Commission Had An Amazing 2013!
2013 - A Wonderful Year In Review

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We hope 2014 has started off on a safe, healthy and prosperous path for all of you!
Saying goodbye to 2013 was bittersweet for us. It was an AMAZING year for The Greater Columbus Film Commission! It was full of many opportunities, wonderful accomplishments and excitement that we hope will continue throughout 2014!

In 2013, The Greater Columbus Film Commission, became Film Columbus as part of our re-branding efforts to make our name and services more user friendly. We, here at Film Columbus, are very proud of our accomplishments and activities in 2013 as we worked on your behalf to bring productions and crew jobs to the Columbus area! We would like to share some highlights from this past year, and some hopes and expectations for this new year, with you!

2013 Accomplishments and Activities:

  • Successfully reformed the Film Columbus board with a mixture of film industry professionals, city & organization leaders

  • Received city funding of $100,000 to go towards operations and our mission of bringing production and crew jobs to Columbus

  • Opened up an office where we offer space for productions to host auditions, conduct business interactions and run small production related activities

  • Hired a production coordinator/office manager to manage the day to day activities of the office and assist productions with answering questions, permitting and crew needs

  • Developed an Internship Program

  • Developed partnerships with: Greater Columbus Arts Council, Film Festival of Columbus, Ohio Center for Broadcasting, Gateway Film Center

  • Attended the AFCI Locations Show in L.A. for the first time, representing Columbus and Central Ohio at the Ohio Film Office vendor booth where we encouraged production leaders to bring their productions to Columbus

  • Held a premiere screening of, "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa", of which a large portion of the movie was shot here in Columbus over a 4 week period in 2012

  • Sponsored the exclusive Mid-West premier of "The Butler", hosted by The Wexner Center

  • Sponsored the wonderful feature film, "This Narrow Place", directed by Sooney Kadouh, during the Film Festival of Columbus

  • Started encouraging talks with a very large and prominent independent production company ($100M) to move their base of operations to Columbus to shoot a slate of ten (10) feature films over the next three (3) years. (fingers crossed)

  • Columbus was the host city to many TV, reality and commercial productions this last year!! They kept us BUSY in 2013 assisting them with information and acquiring crew for their local shoots. If you were out and about on any given day around the Columbus area you may have seen their crews shooting and wondered who they were-well just to name a few that filmed footage in Columbus and hired local crew:

  •, commercial

  • Honda, commercial

  • Banc de Mexico, commercial

  • Extreme Weight Loss, reality

  • Hotel Hell, reality

  • Master Chef, reality casting

  • My First Home, reality

  • The Start-Up, reality

  • Fred and Ginger, episodic


    AND, ALSO VERY EXCITING is that we have been working with some TOP producers and TOP directors out of Los Angeles assisting them in finding locations in Columbus and the surrounding areas to shoot their feature films!! Although we can't divulge their names or film names due to non-disclosure, we can give you some hints as to what movies could possibly be filmed here in 2014! A few of the producers have already committed to come here this Spring to scout the locations we have provided!!

  • A movie about brides…scouting small towns around Columbus

  • A movie about a famous football coach…scouting OSU

  • A movie about a large hairy woods creature..scouting Hocking Hills

  • A movie about being a high school senior…scouting three local high schools

  • AND, that is only a few that we are working with!! SO EXCITING! We hope to see big movie trucks and lights and cameras and lots of local crew working around Columbus in 2014-OH MY!!

    So please stay tuned for more information on these projects as it becomes available! You won't want to miss it! AND, there will be a new website launch in February! You will want to check it out!!

    ALSO, not to be forgotten! We want to take this chance to THANK YOU!! for your continued support by listing yourselves and your services in The Greater Columbus Film Commission/Film Columbus crew listings page!!

    Productions are utilizing our crew listings to fulfill their local crew needs and with all we hope to see happening here this year, you will want to make sure your listing is up to date with correct contact phone number, e-mail and information. We have found a few where contact info is not current. So, please check your listing and update it as necessary AND if you haven't already, make sure you renew your listing for 2014! You won't want to miss out on great job opportunities this year!

    Happy New Year to you and we look forward to talking and working with, and for you, in 2014!!

    Thomas McClure, Executive Director

    Angella Smith, Production Coordinator
    Brenden Smith, Newsletter Co-Editor

    The Wexner Center Presents "Ohio Shorts 2014"
    Call For Entries

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    The Wexner Center's 2014 Ohio Shorts screening, which takes place on Saturday, April 26, at 7 PM in the Wexner Center Film/Video Theater, is now taking submissions!

    The Wexner Center's annual Ohio Shorts showcase provides an opportunity for Ohio's independent media artists to show their work in a theatrical setting before an audience.

    Works included in the showcase will be selected by a panel of Wexner Center staff and a jury of diverse media professionals and artists. Each person whose work is selected for the showcase will receive two complimentary tickets. The jury and audience award prizes ($300 and $200, respectively) will be announced at a reception following the screening.

    Entry Guidelines:

    Forms for submissions are available online. Deadline for entries is Friday, March 14, 2014. One entry per person.

    All works must be submitted via Vimeo or YouTube link or on DVD (either as an authored disc or as a data file). All entries must be accompanied by this entry form (if mailing a DVD, a printable form is available here). In order to be environmentally friendly, all DVDs must be submitted in paper sleeves. Unless the final work is on 16mm or 35mm film, selected artists will be asked to submit their video as a high-resolution Quicktime file for the screening.

    Pieces must be independently produced in Ohio within the last 18 months, and must last no longer than 20 minutes. Previously submitted works will not be accepted. Entries will not be returned by mail, but may be picked up at the Wexner Center's patron services desk/ticket office during business hours from Monday, April 28 to Friday, May 9.

    All entries must be accompanied by an entry form.

    Artists age 18 or under should enter the Ohio Shorts Youth Division.

    Works may be dropped off at the Wexner Center's patron services desk/ticket office or mailed to:
    Ohio Shorts 2014
    c/o Adam Vincent
    Wexner Center for the Arts, The Ohio State University
    1871 N. High Street
    Columbus, OH 43210

    Please direct questions to:
    (614) 688-1337

    First Annual Buckeye Film Festival
    The Ohio State University and Gateway Film Center present First Annual Buckeye Film Festival

    [read more]

    The Ohio State University and Gateway Film Center are pleased to announce the first annual Buckeye Film Festival. The goal of the Buckeye Film Festival is to create an opportunity for The Ohio State University and the Gateway Film Center to work together to encourage Buckeyes everywhere - fans, students, and alumni - to express their adoration for the university through film. 

    "We're really excited to continue to encourage people to make film," said Chris Hamel, President of the film center. "I can't wait to see the submissions especially since the filmmakers have such great subject matter to work with."

    To participate in the film festival, entrants should submit an original short film about why they love Ohio State. The submission window is now open. It will close on Wednesday, February 1 at 11:59 PM. The film should be no longer than two minutes in length. Following the submission deadline, a panel of jurors will select the top 9 film submissions which will screen at the following OSU Men's basketball games: OSU vs Northwestern on February 19, OSU vs Minnesota on February 22, and OSU vs Michigan on March 9. Complete submission guidelines and additional information can be found at

    On Tuesday, March 18 at 7 PM, the film center will host a special presentation of all juried submissions. Following the submissions screening, the jury will announce a winner in the theater. The winner will receive $1,000 cash, an annual pass to the film center, and two season tickets to the 2014 OSU Men's football home games. Tickets to the submissions screening at Gateway Film Center on March 18 are $10 and all proceeds will be donated to the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

    The Gateway Film Center is Ohio's first dedicated film house featuring indie and foreign films in addition to all the big releases. Convenient parking is available year-round in the South Campus Gateway parking garage, accessible from both 9th and 11th avenues.

    For more information, please contact Meghan Vesper, Director of Sales and Marketing, at (614) 247-4969 or


    [read more]

    This production company consists of three smaller companies made up entirely of Ohio University students. This year, the organization is working on three short films shot all around Ohio. The tentative shooting dates are from February through the end of March. Pay is negotiable and if you are a SAG actor, we will abide by SAG guidelines.

    Tuesday, January 14th
    Room 512, Baker University Center | 1 Park Place, Athens, OH 45701

    PLEASE BRING: headshot, resume & prepared monologue

    A mom takes her son on a cross-country trip to escape from her husband, however as their circumstances worsen, their plans quickly change.

      12-15 year-old boy, intelligent with a hint of sarcasm

      35-40 year-old woman, stubborn, conflicted and slightly insecure COWBOY: 30-40 year-old man, kind appearance with sinister intentions CLARENCE: 50-60 year-old heavyset man, kind-hearted steak eating champion

    Minor roles include:
    Mechanic, Gas Station Attendant, Waiter, Waitress
    Hank, a middle-aged man reflects on his past when he is forced to take action in his immature daughters violently failing marriage.

      55-65 year-old male, struggling to find happiness in life while being a father and husband

      40-50 year-old female, kindhearted and compassionate towards her unhappy husband and suffering daughter JULIE: 25-30 year-old female, preoccupied wife who becomes a victim to physical abuse

      25-35 year-old male, abusive husband

    Minor roles include: Lily, Nurse, Younger Faye, Younger Hank, Young Julie, Ticket Clerk, Airline Worker
    Fish, a 30 year old bum that is too trusting, is sent on a journey of humor and drama when his longtime friend fails to commit suicide for the sixth time.

      FISH: 25-35 year-old male, kindhearted bachelor who checks on his suicidal childhood friend

      ADAM: 25-35 year-old male, suicidal headcase with a heart of gold

      30-60 year-old male, an overbearing mailman who is full of energy

      25-35 year-old female, prostitute who is ditzy yet full of energy

    Minor roles include:
    Chuck, Ms. Ali, Young Fish, Young Adam

    Please contact Arielle Busch at for more information

    Award winning* writers and directors, Alonzo and Aqua Jones are casting thier new feature to be filmed here in Columbus.

    [read more]


    by: Alonzo & Aqua Jones

    con·trast: /kän.trast/ : the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

    Contrast is the story of fraternal twins, Ron and Don Doe. In 1979, they were abandoned at two months old on the shores of the oover Dam. They were found and raised by an abusive couple. They grew void of emotion. One fateful night in 1995, the then teenaged boys would murder their 'parents'. It just so happens that they do the deed on the very night a 'collector' had come to pay a visit. The boys are caught and taken; not to be dealt with, but to be used in the business. They are taught the act of contract killing by their new 'sponsor'. After some time, the boys are given their first job.. To kill their sponsor. They do it without hesitation.
    They become a team.
    Present day: The boys are 35 years old.
    Don is the darker of the two and he would complete the actual deed, while Ron the more reasonable one would act as the cleaner.
    Both boys are VERY introverted and speak very little, saying only what is necessary.

    Looking to cast :
    (All charcaters cast will be FEATURED! )

    Chun : ( Asian / 40's and up )

    Drunk-ish Man : (White / mid 20's to mid 30's)

    Exotic Dancers ( 2 ) : (Any ethnicity / mid 20's to late 30's )

    Abusive Parents : (White / mid 30's to late 40's)

    Call Girl : (Any ethnicity / mid 20's to late 30's) - simulated sex scene

    Teen-aged boys ( 2 ) : (Black / 16 to 25 - must look like teenager)

    Contractor / Sponsor : ( White / mid 30's to 60)

    Hitman Victims ( 7 ) : (Any ethnicity / mid 20's and up)

    extras : ( 10 ) : (Any ethnicity / 18 and up )

    -- Also, looking for a Cargo Van to use as a Prop vehicle for one of the main characters. Can have your company logo and info on it for Free publicity! --

    Locations wanted
    - A LOCAL STORE or GAS STATION looking to promote your business in a feature film.

    - A SMALL HOUSE IN A WOODED AREA. We are looking for a location that will double as a Meth lab for the opening of the film.


    Deferred - COPY, MEAL, CREDIT.

    This is a non-union film.

    Thank you

    * ( feel free to check out their award winning short film Eli's
    Liquor Store
    and take a look at some of Alonzo's credits on IMDb : )

    CASTING CALL - Friday 12/06/2013
    419 Productions Casting Actors For Ohio University Student Films

    [read more]


    419 Productions is looking for actors. This production company consists of three smaller companies made up entirely of Ohio University students. This year, the organization is working on three short films shot all around Ohio. The tentative shooting dates are from February through the end of March. Pay is negotiable and if you are a SAG actor, we will abide by SAG guidelines.

    Friday December 6th | 7:00-11:00PM | Room # TBD Ohio Union |1739 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43210

    PLEASE BRING: headshot, resume, prepared monologue

    Casting For The Following Project Roles:


    Fish, a 30 year-old bum that is too trusting, is sent on a journey of humor and drama when his longtime friend fails to commit suicide for the sixth time.

    FISH: 25-35 year-old male, single and lonely bachelor. A bit naive and too trustful at times, the people around him often take advantage of his kindness. Fish must set out to check on his childhood friend and runs into odd situations on the journey.

    ADAM: 25-35 year-old male, headcase with a heart of gold. Ever since he was young he was not very good at controlling his emotions. In an attempt for attention, Adam has tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully many times. His sixth time of jumping off a two-story roof lands him in the hospital, where his old friend Fish comes to check in on him, as he always does. 

    KOJO: 30-60 year-old male, overly attached and ecstatic mailman. Kojo is hilariously full of energy and overbearing.

    WENDY: 25-35 year-old female, beautiful and ditzy woman full of energy that Fish picks up at the Motel as a hitchhiker. Initially Wendy seems to be an innocent girl just looking to get a ride to San Diego but is revealed to be a prostitute. 

    CHUCK: 35-50 year-old male, Adam's greedy lawyer that uses Adam's suicide attempts in order to make money.

    MS. ALI: 40-70 year-old female, small homely woman that works at the Motel. 

    YOUNG FISH: 15-18 year-old male, deals with Adam's lack of control for the first time as Adam accidentally hurts a peer in a football game.

    YOUNG ADAM: 15-18 year-old male, accidently breaks the bones of a peer while playing touch football.


    A mom takes her son on a cross-country trip to escape from her husband. But as their circumstances worsen, their plans quickly change.

    JOHN: 12-15 year-old boy, intelligent with a hint of sarcasm.

    MOM: 35-40 year-old woman, stubborn, conflicted and slightly insecure.

    COWBOY: 30-40 year-old man, kind appearance with sinister intentions.

    CLARENCE: 50-60 year-old heavyset man, kind-hearted steak eating champion.

    MECHANIC: 50-60 year-old man

    GAS STATION ATTENDANT: 25-30 year-old man

    STEAKHOUSE WAITER: 30-35 year-old man

    DINER WAITRESS: 25-30 year-old woman


    A middle-aged man reflects on his past when is he forced to take action in his immature daughters violently failing marriage.

    HANK: 55-65 year-old male, struggling to find happiness in life while being a father and husband

    FAYE: 40-50 year-old female, kindhearted and compassionate towards her unhappy husband and suffering daughter

    JULIE: 25-30 year-old female, preoccupied wife who becomes a victim to physical abuse

    RUSSEL: 25-35 year-old male, abusive husband

    LILY: 25-35 year-old female, Hank's affair

    NURSE: 25-35 year-old female

    YOUNGER FAYE: 25-30 year-old female

    YOUNGER HANK: 25-35 year-old male

    YOUNG JULIE: 5-10 year old female

    TICKET CLERK: Any age and gender

    AIRLINE WORKER: Any age and gender

    Contact Arielle Busch at for more information

    Visiting Filmmaker Events Showcase Rising Stars

    [read more]

    This month and next, see and hear from rising stars of film with a trio of Visiting Filmmaker events that provide the opportunity to discuss innovative works with the people who created them. All events take place in the Film/Video Theater.

  • Actress Kim Taylor introduces I Used to Be Darker
    Fri, Nov 22 | 7 PM

    In the latest film from Matt Porterfield, the director of Putty Hill and recipient of the Wexner Center's Film/Video Residency Award for 2012-13, musicians Kim Taylor and Ned Oldham (brother of frequent Wex performer Will Oldham) star in a story of people finding and letting each other go, looking for love where they've found it before and-when that doesn't work-figuring out where they might find it next. Taylor will be here to answer questions after the screening and may even perform a few songs off her album, Love's a Dog.

  • Director Ethan Steinman introduces Glacial Balance
    Tue, Dec 3 | 7 PM

    Director Ethan Steinman joins us as we travel from Columbia to Argentina to examine global environmental changes through the eyes of those first affected by the melting glacial reserve. Among the experts featured in the film is Ohio State's own Dr. Lonnie Thompson of the School of Earth Sciences and the Byrd Polar Research Center.

  • Filmmakers Andrew Cohn and Davy Rothbart introduce Medora
    Tue, Dec 10 | 7 PM

    Andrew Cohn and Davy Rothbart's Medora follows the ups-and-downs of a high school basketball team from Medora, Indiana, a once thriving small town that has dwindled to a new reality of drug problems and school consolidation. Rothbart is best known as the creator and editor of FOUND Magazine; Cohn's 2009 short film Dynamic Tom was included in McSweeney's Wolphin No. 12 DVD of short films.

  • Other Happenings At The Wex

  • The Box

  • The Reverse Circumference of Zero

  • Nov 1-30

  • Burrow-Cams

  • Dec 1-31

    Upcoming Film/Video

    Casting in Columbus, Ohio, For
    Peacock Productions, A Division Of NBC News, Is Casting A Re-enactment Episode Of Their Show, "I'D KILL FOR YOU".

    [read more]

    "I'D KILL FOR YOU" Is a true-crime documentary series airing on ID (Investigation Discovery). The "DEAD OF NIGHT" episode profiles the 1999 murder of Ohio State University students Loretta Long and Patrick Pryor.

    The re-enactments of the crime will be shot in Columbus between Saturday, Nov. 16th and Thursday, Nov. 21st. Most actors will not be called for all days of shooting. Rate is $100/day.

    Please submit a headshot and resume (links to on-camera work also welcome) to and list the role(s) you are submitting for in the subject line. Please submit no later than Wednesday, November 13th, at 1:00pm. We are seeking talent who are local to Columbus, or who can work as locals in terms of housing and transportation.


  • [DET. FARBACHER] Early/mid-40's man, white. Tall, medium build. Mostly bald, greying hair on the sides. Mustache a plus, but not required. Lead detective.

  • [DET. O'DONNELL] Mid-30's man, white. Medium height, medium build. Brown hair. Homicide detective
  • .

  • [LORETTA] Early 20s woman, white. Medium height, medium build. Long, straight light brown / strawberry blonde hair. Killed in her home in an armed robbery.

  • [PATRICK] Early 20s man, white. Medium height, medium build. Short dark hair. Killed in his home in an armed robbery.

  • [CARLO] Late-teens man, African American. Tall, thin/fit build. Short dark hair. College student, kills other students during a burglary.

  • [ROOMMATE] Male college student. Any ethnicity, build. Discovers his roommate's body.

  • [KENJI] Mid-late 20s man, Japanese. Tall, thin build. Mild, harmless-seeming stalker.

  • [POLICE OFFICERS] 30s-40s men, any ethnicity. Fit/in-shape. Undercover and uniformed police officers.

  • [HOME INVASION VICTIMS] Late-teens/early 20s men and women. Any ethnicity, build. Other victims of burglar.

  • The Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Columbus Film Council Announce 2013 Media Arts Fellowship Finalists

    [read more]

    Columbus, Ohio - The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and the Columbus Film Council (CFC) are pleased to announce the 2013 Media Arts Fellowship Finalists. The recipients and their award levels will be officially announced November 16 during an awards ceremony hosted by the Columbus International Film + Video Festival at the CanzaniCenter on the ColumbusCollege of Art & Design campus. Visiting Filmmakers, John Haptas and Kristine Samuelson, will make the final Fellowship decisions. Three awards are available; one $3,500 and two $1,500.

    The following 2013 Media Arts Fellowship finalists were chosen from 23 applicants. Selections were based on the artistic merit of the work submitted.

    The 2013 Media Arts Fellowship finalists are: Adam Caudill, Phil Garrett, Alexis McCrimmon, Mike Newman, Mike Olenick, Janet Parrott, Jordan Schmelzer and Pamela Theodotou.

    GCAC's Arts Fellowships program, established in 1986, recognizes outstanding FranklinCounty artists. Since the inception of the program, more than 160 artists have received awards in a variety of disciplines, including visual arts, crafts, film and video, creative writing, music composition and choreography/movement arts. GCAC's program is one of the few local fellowship programs in the country.

    The awards, recommended in an anonymous review process by panelists, assist recipients in any manner they choose to support the creation of new works and/or the advancement of their careers. All 2013 recipients and finalists will be invited to apply for GCAC's Artist Exchange. Artists who have participated previously in any GCAC exchange program are not eligible to apply again to the Artist Exchange program.

    Members of the 2013 Media Arts Fellowship panel who reviewed all applications and recommended the finalists and recipients were Todd Kwait, a business executive, a lawyer, a documentary filmmaker and a record producer with a distinguished record of success; Anne Bohlen, an Emeritus Faculty of Antioch College where she was Professor of Communication and Media Arts for 14 years; and Laura Paglin, producer and director of films since she was a teenager.

    For more information contact Ruby Harper, Grants & Services director at

    About the Greater Columbus Arts Council: Through vision and leadership, advocacy and collaboration, the Greater Columbus Arts Council supports art and advances the culture of the region. A catalyst for excellence and innovation, we fund exemplary artists and arts organizations and provide programs, events and services of public value that educate and engage all audiences in our community. GCAC thanks the City of Columbus, FranklinCounty, the Ohio Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts for their continued support.

    About the Columbus Film Council: The Columbus Film Council was founded in 1950, by the late Dr. Edgar Dale, Professor Emeritus of The Ohio State University and other professionals interested in promoting the use of 16mm motion pictures. Two years later, the Columbus Film Festival was born. Since its inception, the object of the Film Council has been to encourage and promote the use of 16mm motion pictures and, subsequently, media in all forms of education and communication, not only in the local community but throughout the world. During these many years of continuous operation, the Festival has honored thousands of film and video producers. The Festival has grown in scope, becoming international in 1972, in the late 80?s adding video, and in 1997 adding the CD ROM format. In 2004 the Festival added DVDs to its list of accepted formats.

    Ohio: The Hollywood Of The Midwest
    Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit Spurs Active Film Industry

    [read more]

    Contact: Katie Sabatino at (614) 466-6212

    Ohio is quickly becoming the tinsel town of the Midwest. Today is the release of Bad Grandpa from Johnny Knoxville which was filmed around central and northeast Ohio. The Greater Cleveland Film Commission has announced that Katherine Heigl and Tom Wilkinson will star in the upcoming film Jenny's Wedding, which begins shooting in Cleveland Monday. Both films will receive a state Motion Picture Tax Credit.

    "Ohio is on a roll, bringing major film productions to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and towns around the state such as Jenny's Wedding, Draft Day, Captain American, Bad Grandpa, Johnny Longshot and more," said David Goodman, director of the Ohio Development Services Agency which administers the Motion Picture Tax Credit. "Producers have told me a state won't be considered for filming if they don't have a tax credit."

    "Film Columbus (Greater Columbus Film Commission) was happy to host and assist Bad Grandpa's production in Columbus and Central Ohio," said Thomas McClure, executive director of Film Columbus. "Before leaving, the production team expressed how easy it was to work in Columbus and how they loved our Capital City and our crew base. They even asked some of our local professionals to work on other projects with them."

    Also, Johnny Longshot from Emilio Estevez is currently in production in Cincinnati and will receive a Motion Picture Tax Credit. Estevez, a major supporter of Ohio film-making, stars and directs the movie about an aging jockey making a comeback as a harness-racing driver.

    The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit provides a 35 percent credit for the Ohio jobs that come from hiring cast and crew. All other eligible Ohio production spending is credited at 25 percent.

    The production companies will only receive the tax credit after the filming is complete. For more information on the tax credit, visit

    For local film information related to the above projects and more, visit the websites for the Greater Columbus Film Commission, the Greater Cleveland Film Commission and the Greater Cincinnati Film Commission.


    Office of Communications & Marketing • 77 South High Street • P.O. Box 1001 • Columbus, Ohio 43215 • U.S.A. • (614) 466-2609
    The State of Ohio is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider of ADA Services

    Bad Grandpa Premiere! Get Your Tickets Now!
    The Greater Columbus Film Commission is hosting a special premiere of "Bad Grandpa," this Thursday at 8:00pm at the Gateway Film Center!

    [read more]

    Can anyone guess which Columbus, Ohio park this is? Yes...this was shot in Columbus Ohio!

    The Jackass Presents movie, "Bad Grandpa," was shot in and around central Ohio!

    And, The Greater Columbus Film Commission will be hosting a special premiere this Thursday, October 24th, at 8:00pm, at the Gateway Film Center on North High Street. Better still, there will be an after party hosted by Skyy Vodka immediately following the movie showing!

    "Bad Grandpa," is a hilariously good time! Johnny Knoxville at his best! And, the kid, Jackson Nicoll, who also starred in "Fun Size," is amazingly funny in his role as, "Billy"!

    So, if you wanna be one of the first people to see this VERY funny movie, spot some other Columbus locations in the movie AND enjoy a ROCKING after party, you won't want to miss this event!!

    See the trailer: Bad Grandpa

    Purchase your tickets here:
    Bad Grandpa and Skyy Vodka After Party Tickets



    Upcoming Events At The Wexner Center For The Arts
    The Wexner Center for the Arts at Ohio State University offers many wonderful events that are open to the public.

    [read more]

    If you are looking for entertaining and interesting activities to keep you busy this Fall season, then you need to check out the schedule of wonderful films and events taking place at the Wexner Center for the Arts located on the Ohio State University campus.

    On Thursday, October 3, at 7:00pm, there will be a showing of the documentary film, Uprising. Fredrik Stanton shot the documentary in 2012 and it documents events of the Arab Spring in Egypt that led to the resignation of Hosni Mubarak. A revolution that was led by activists and regular citizens utilizing social media to organize themselves.

    Fall events also include a series of 9 films by Alfred Hitchcock. These are Hitchcocks early, silent films. If you are a Hitchcock fan, you will love these rarely seen films! The films run from October 10th through October 25th.

    Renowned filmmakers, The Quay Brothers, who are working in residence at the Wexner Center putting the finishing touches on their new short film, Mistaken Hands, will also be the presenters of two events. On Thursday, October 31, at 7:00pm, they will introduce Freaks, and on Saturday, November 2, at 7:00pm, they will introduce Mistaken Hands. Don't miss the chance to visit and talk with these pioneering filmmakers!

    A full schedule of film/video events can be found utilizing this link: Film/Videos At The Wexner Center for the Arts.

    The Wexner Center also offers performing arts programs, works of art and mixed media programs and events. Currently in the Gallery they are offering a wonderful mixed media exhibition, Blues for Smoke. If you are a blues lover or an arts lover, you will enjoy this exhibition! This exhibition runs through December 29, 2013.

    The galleries are FREE every Thursday evening after 4pm, and on the first Sunday of each month from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. The galleries are closed on Mondays

    For event ticket pricing and details please visit their website: Tickets

    Venture out to the Wexner Center for the Arts this Fall and enjoy some interesting and quality entertainment and events!


    [read more]


    For the 8th year in a row, Doritos is challenging fans to Crash the Super Bowl, but this year's competition is introducing a HUGE twist!

    For the first time ever, fans Worldwide are invited to join in on the fun, submit their homemade commercials for airtime during the Super Bowl, a chance to win a $1,000,000 (U.S.), and a chance to team up with Marvel Studios on "Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron." Listen to Stan Lee as he gives exciting tips and divulge which SuperHero is his favorite and why!!!

    I've pasted the alert below, but for more information, downloadable videos, previous winners, logos, images, and a message from the legendary Stan Lee, go to:

    Since 2007, more than 20,000 homemade ads have been submitted by U.S. Doritos fans with the winning spots consistently ranking among the most memorable and buzzed-about Super Bowl commercials. As a result, the creators of these top-ranked winning ads have been awarded millions of dollars in grand prize money and have gone on to receive commercial work, Hollywood representation and other life-changing experiences.

    Now in its 8th year, Doritos is changing its game by inviting fans from anywhere in the world where Doritos tortilla chips are sold to compete for a grand prize of $1,000,000 (U.S.) and a career-altering opportunity to team up with Marvel Studios on the set of "Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron," making this year's contest a global competition!

    A qualified panel of judges, including executives from the Doritos brand, advertising professionals and the legendary Stan Lee of Pow! Entertainment - chairman emeritus of Marvel Studios and creator of such Super Heroes as Iron Man™, Spider-Man™ and others - will select five finalist ads. From there, the world will be invited to vote for their favorite.

    Ultimately, two finalist ads will air during the Super Bowl broadcast - one will be selected by worldwide consumer votes on and the other by the Doritos brand. The creators of the two finalist ads will each team up with Marvel Studios on the set of "Marvel's The Avengers: Age of Ultron," the highly anticipated sequel to the 2012 blockbuster "Marvel's The Avengers," which became the third-highest-grossing movie of all time worldwide. The creator of the ad that receives the most fan votes will also win $1 million (U.S.) in prize money.

    "Marvel is all about creating unique characters, telling intriguing stories and engaging audiences in the boldest ways possible, which is what the Crash the Super Bowl contest does for Doritos fans and makes this collaboration so powerful," said Stan Lee. "The winners of this contest will have the incredible opportunity to not only see their work broadcast to millions on the Super Bowl, but also become a part of the Marvel family and work with some of the most dynamic talents in the entertainment industry today."

    For full contest details visit

    Out Of Order Tour Film Editing Workshop
    Film Editing Workshop To Take Place This Sunday, September 15th-Pre-Register Now!

    [read more]

    The "Out of Order" Tour teaches how to create captivating films through the editing process by focusing on two key concepts:

    1) The use of "out of order" storytelling techniques (non-linear storytelling), and;

    2) How to make decisions about where pieces go instead of simply how to move them into place.

    Designed for the beginner and intermediate filmmaker, this workshop shows you how to unlock the full potential of your footage by utilizing the principles of story structure, narrative bases, shot selection, pacing, and the psychological effects of shot placement.

    Visit their website through the "Out Of Order" link, above, to pre-register for the event.

    Cost for attendance: $69 to $199, depending on your chosen experience package.

    Use Discount Code: OOOCFC at Checkout for $40 OFF!

    The Out Of Order Tour is produced by:

    Midwest Camera Department

    Holiday Inn Columbus Downtown Capitol Square, 175 E Town Street, Columbus, OH. 43215; 614-221-3281


    MOFA Filmmaking Contest
    Contest Kicks Off October 10th At Studio 35

    [read more]

    MOFA (Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association) is running their #filmmaking contest, 3 Days of Terror, kicking off October 10th at Studio 35.

    There will be prizes like camera rental packages, cash and a trophy.

    $50 for MOFA members and students, $90 non-members (MOFA membership is $24, so you do the math.)

    For more info go to:

    Gateway Film Center Presents FFOCOL
    Gateway Film Center is pleased to host the second annual Film Festival of Columbus starting September 21.

    [read more]

    Following its success last fall, FFOCOL continues to strive to create an experience that will bring a new and diverse cultural event to the area. The festival aims to bring people together, showcasing seasoned and rising filmmakers and extraordinary work from around the world. FFOCOL guests may attend the opening film at the Residence Inn in the historic bank lobby turned theater on Saturday, September 21, during the Independents' Day festival on Gay Street. Gateway Film Center will host FFOCOL September 21?29, 2013. 

    Film Festival of Columbus is presented with generous support from CD102.5, Credit Union of Ohio, the Greater Columbus Film Commission, Four String Brewing, Greater Columbus Arts Council, and Yelp.

    For more information, visit  

    "I continue to be impressed by the rising quality and abundance of independent film," said Chris Hamel. "This of course makes programming the festival both challenging and highly satisfying. I'm very pleased that we are able to bring such a diverse selection of films to Columbus again this fall." 

    See below for a full list of films and schedule:

    DIRECTED BY: Dennis Iliadis
    SYNOPSIS: Three college friends hit the biggest party of the year, where a mysterious phenomenon disrupts the night, quickly descending into a chaos that challenges their friendships -- and whether they can stay alive.

    DIRECTED BY: Steven Okazaki
    SYNOPSIS: Best known as the lead guitarist of Wilco, endlessly inventive guitarist and avant-garde titan Nels Cline shares his harmonic creations alongside Scott Amendola and Devin Hoff, and special guests Carla Kihlstedt, Ron Miles, Yuka Honda, Ben Goldberg and Matthias Bossi.

    DIRECTED BY: Alexandre Moors
    SYNOPSIS: Inspired by true events, BLUE CAPRICE investigates the notorious Beltway sniper attacks from the point of view of the two perpetrators, whose distorted father-son relationship facilitated their long and bloody journey across America. Marked by captivating performances by Isaiah Washington and Tequan Richmond, lyrical camerawork, and a unique and bold structure, BLUE CAPRICE documents the mechanisms that lead its subjects to embrace physical violence.

    DIRECTED BY: Kyle Patrick Alvarez
    SYNOPSIS: David has it all figured out. His plan is to spend the summer working on an apple farm in Oregon with his best friend Jennifer. When she bails on him David is left to get his hands dirty alone, watched over by the old farm owner Hobbs, the first in a series of questionable mentors he encounters. The first ever film adaptation of David Sedaris' work is the story of a prideful young man and what's left of him after all he believes is chipped away at piece by piece.

    DIRECTED BY: Ryan White
    SYNOPSIS: Freda Kelly was just a shy Liverpudlian teenager when she was asked to work for a local band hoping to make it big. History notes that The Beatles were together for 10 years, but Freda worked for them for 11. Many people came in and out of the band's circle as they grew to international stardom, but Freda remained a staple because of her loyalty and dedication. She was witness to the evolution - advances and setbacks, breakthroughs and challenges - of the greatest band in history.

    DIRECTED BY: Nicholas Wrathall
    SYNOPSIS: No twentieth-century figure has had a more profound effect on the worlds of literature, film, politics, historical debate, and the culture wars than Gore Vidal. Anchored by intimate one-on-one interviews with the man himself, Nicholas Wrathall's new documentary is a fascinating and wholly entertaining portrait of the last lion of the age of American liberalism. Featuring candid vérité footage of Vidal in his final years, the film explores his enduring global impact on art, politics, and everything in between. His overview of the current state of the Republic and the health of US democracy is unique and incisive.

    DIRECTED BY: Jeffery Schwarz
    SYNOPSIS: Young, chubby Harris Glenn Milstead liked musicals, was drawn to feminine pursuits, and was bullied. He was privately playing "dress-up games" in his mother's clothes. By 1963, Glenn was brave enough to show up at a party with his then-girlfriend dressed as an astonishingly passable Elizabeth Taylor. Glenn later met the man who was about to change his life - John Waters. Like Glenn, Waters was obsessed with movies. They began to forge a new character, one which mocked the conventional "pretty" drag queens. John christened his new star "Divine" and they started making films together.

    DIRECTED BY: James Cullingham
    SYNOPSIS: Known as the father of American Primitive Guitar, many consider John Fahey to be a foundational figure in American folk music. As both musician and musicologist, Fahey made a fundamental contribution to our appreciation of such music genres as Delta blues, Appalachian bluegrass and New Orleans jazz. The film combines interviews, performances and archival footage with animation in a kinetic, musically charged tribute to a tremendously influential composer, guitarist, author and provocateur.

    DIRECTED BY: David Zellner
    SYNOPSIS: Annie is a girl with no moral compass, thanks to a complete lack of parental supervision. One day, while playing in the woods, a voice calls out to her from deep within an abandoned well, causing her to consider the right course of action.

    DIRECTED BY: Chad Hartigan
    SYNOPSIS: Fifty-something Martin Bonner (Paul Eenhorn) leaves his old life behind and relocates to Reno, where he finds work helping released prisoners transition to life on the outside, while trying his hand at speed dating and passing time as a soccer referee on weekends. Meanwhile, Travis Holloway (Richmond Arquette) has just been released from prison after serving 12 years. Surprising both of them, Travis and Martin form an unlikely friendship that offers them reciprocal support and understanding.

    DIRECTED BY: Joe Medeiros
    SYNOPSIS: On August 21, 1911, the Mona Lisa disappeared from her place on the wall in the Salon Carré in the Louvre. Even more surprising, this famous piece of art remained missing for nearly 2-1/2 years. In 1976, filmmaker Joe Medeiros learned about the theft of the Mona Lisa and so began a 35-year-long obsession with the Peruggia and his motive for stealing the painting.

    DIRECTED BY: Greg Camalier
    SYNOPSIS: Located on the banks of the Tennessee River, Muscle Shoals, Alabama is the unlikely breeding ground for some of the most creative and defiant music in American history. Under the spiritual influence of the "Singing River" as Native Americans called it, the music of Muscle Shoals is some of the most important and resonant of all time. In this movie legendary artists including Aretha Franklin, Greg Allman, Bono, Clarence Carter, Jimmy Cliff, Mick Jagger, Etta James, Alicia Keys, Wilson Pickett, Keith Richards, Percy Sledge, Steve Winwood and others bear witness to the magnetism and mystery of Muscle Shoals and why it remains a global influence today.

    DIRECTED BY: Junya Sakino
    SYNOPSIS: Sebastian is a bitter, self-deprecating wannabe Internet star from Los Angeles. He has recently been dumped by his girlfriend and on the look-out for someone new. When his cousin Naoto, a naive sake maker from Japan, shows up to find his own ex-girlfriend, Sebastian takes him to north California to find her. They are a clash of cultures waiting to happen. Together they meet a colorful group of characters as they come to grips with who they are and the true nature of the girlfriends they are pursuing.

    DIRECTED BY: Cullen Hoback
    SYNOPSIS: A documentary that exposes what corporations and governments learn about people through Internet and cell phone usage, and what can be done about it ... if anything.

    DIRECTED BY: Bill Siegel
    SYNOPSIS: From joining the controversial Nation of Islam and changing his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali, to his refusal to serve in the Vietnam War in the name of protesting racial inequality, Muhammad Ali remains an inspiring and controversial figure. Outspoken and passionate in his beliefs, Ali found himself in the center of America's controversies over race, religion, and war. THE TRIALS OF MUHAMMAD ALI examines how one of the most celebrated sports champions of the 20th century risked his fame and fortune to follow his faith and conscience.

    DIRECTED BY: Sooney Kadouh
    SYNOPSIS: After smuggling himself into the United States and reconnecting with his estranged sister, a conflicted young Palestinian man begins an unlikely friendship with a lonely drug addict while wrestling with the true intentions of the forces that brought him there.

    DIRECTED BY: Grant Hamilton
    SYNOPSIS: After documenting the fateful day when Polaroid announced it would cease production of instant film, "TIME ZERO" shares the intense emotions of several photographers as they recount hearing the news…and focuses on a few passionate photographers who decide to start a grass-roots effort to keep instant film alive.

    2013 FFOCOL Schedule

    Saturday, September 21
    8:00 PM - GOOD OL' FREDA

    Sunday, September 22
    7:30 PM - C.O.G.
    9:30 PM - KID THING

    Monday, September 23
    5:30 PM - SAKE BOMB

    Tuesday, September 24

    Wednesday, September 25
    5:30 PM - GOOD OL' FREDA

    Thursday, September 26
    5:30 PM - C.O.G.

    Friday, September 27
    3:30 PM - KID THING
    7:30 PM - THIS NARROW PLACE featuring a Q&A with Director Sooney Kadouh
    9:30 PM - BLUE CAPRICE - Closing Night Film

    Saturday, September 28
    7:30 PM - I AM DIVINE
    9:30 PM - SAKE BOMB
    9:30 PM - I AM DIVINE: Special screening at The Garage!
    12:00 AM - +1

    Sunday, September 29
    4:30 PM - BLUE CAPRICE
    7:30 PM - MUSCLE SHOALS`

    The Gateway Film Center is Ohio's first dedicated film house featuring indie and foreign films in addition to all the big releases. Convenient parking is available year-round in the South Campus Gateway parking garage, accessible from both 9th and 11th avenues. Inside, the Martini Shot Bistro offers 20 draft beers and cocktails, fresh-baked pizza and gourmet coffee.

    For more information, please contact Chris Hamel, President of the Gateway Film Center, at (614) 247-4965 or

    "Phantom Of The Opera"
    Gather your friends and family and come on out to Greenlawn Abbey on September 13th to see "Phantom Of The Opera"!

    [read more]

    The Greenlawn Abbey Preservation Association will be presenting the original, "Phantom Of The Opera," starring, Lon Chaney, Norman Kerry and Mary Philbin, on Friday, September 13th at 8:00pm! The cost will be $5 per person or $15 per family. There will be popcorn, snacks and beverages available for purchase as well. Please bring your own blankets and lawn chairs. Rain date will be Saturday, September 14th.

    If you have never seen Greenlawn Abbey, it is a magnificent place located at 700 Greenlawn Avenue, in Columbus, Ohio, just west of State Route I-71, south of downtown Columbus. It sits majestically atop a hill located a "pleasant distance" back from the main roadway. And, while you may think it looks like a castle or a house of parliament, it is actually a beautifully constructed mausoleum!

    Greenlawn Abbey was built in 1927 by the Columbus Mausoleum Company and is said to be their finest work out of all the mausoleums they built! It was constructed of granite and marble and has an imported tile roof. It also has gorgeous stained glass windows, stately faux fireplaces and beautiful statuary. It was built to hold 600 occupants.

    I personally believe that the majesty and beauty of the Abbey was constructed to enhance the feeling of "home" and rest for those 600 perspective occupants that were to be interred within it's walls. And, to provide comfort for their loved ones that would be visiting to pay their respects; a comforting, peaceful place. And, it seems many found it to be just such a place including some world famous people and their family members. Who, you ask? Please visit the Greenlawn Abbey's website to read about some the mausoleum's famous occupants.

    In 2007, the Greenlawn Abbey Preservation Association managed to have the mausoleum placed on the National Register Of Historic Places and has thrown themselves into raising money to renovate the Abbey to it's former beauty and glory. Because, while it is an amazing architectural beauty, the Abbey is in need of repairs due to aging and settling of the structure.

    All proceeds from the showing of, "The Phantom Of The Opera," will go to support renovation efforts for the Abbey and grounds.

    Also, I would like to note here that The Greenlawn Abbey Preservation Association has been granted $500 to purchase landscaping plants for the grounds. They are in need of assistance with the planting!

    Planting will take place as part of the Family Weekend Columbus Volunteer Challenge on September 7th, from 10:00am until 2:00pm. So if you would have a couple of hours available and would like to help with some of the planting activities, please click here to sign up! Columbus Volunteer Challenge and come on by and see this beautiful place!

    ACTOR & CREW CALL - ScareAtorium
    Local Fall Attraction To Hire 120 To Fill Positions

    [read more]

    The ScareAtorium Haunted Attraction (Columbus, Ohio) will hire 120 performers; actors, makeup artists and other assistants to fill part-time seasonal positions from September to November 2013. Acting, makeup and costuming experience is preferred in addition to applicants with Halloween/Haunted House industry interests.

    Auditions to work at the ScareAtorium will be conducted to find performers with top-notch haunt talents that can bring chararacters to life within the fitting themes of the attraction venue (Northland Asylum and RIPS 3-D Funhouse.)

    Auditions and interviews will be held at the ScareAtorium:

    7 - 9 pm, Friday, 8/30/13
    7 - 9 pm, Saturday, 8/31/13
    7 - 9 pm, Sunday, 9/1/13
    5 - 7 pm, Friday, 9/6/13
    5 - 7 pm, Saturday, 9/7/13
    1 - 3 pm, Sunday, 9/15/13

    Applicants must be +18 years old, be prepared to be interviewed and do a script reading as well as perform in a scene during their audition and interview.

    The ScareAtorium is an adult-oriented extremely scary entertainment venue: orchestrated by teams of talented industry professionals - including makeup artists, set designers and theatrical coaches - which maintain a staff of over 120 actors on its roster. Auditions are held to find top local talent. Training sessions are held year round. The Haunted Attraction is relocating to the Northland area in Columbus Ohio in 2013 (from Dublin Ohio) and is slated to open on September 27, 2013, and on other select dates this September through November.

    The ScareAtorium is located in the Northland Plaza Shopping Center (at the southeast corner of 161 and Cleveland Avenue): 2605 Northland Plaza Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43231.

    ABOUT: The ScareAtorium is a Haunted House featuring 2 indoor attractions (the "Northland Asylum" and "Rip's Revenge 3-D Funhouse) in a 40,000 square foot venue. Open on select dates from September through November. The Scare Store offers party room rental and makeup artist appointments. It is located in the Northland Plaza Shopping Center at the southeast corner of 161 and Cleveland Avenue: 2605 Northland Plaza Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43231.

    Assistant Editor Crew Call
    Los Angeles Based Independent Film Hiring Local Assistant Film Editor

    [read more]

    A Los Angeles based independent movie that will be filming in the Hocking Hills area this coming Fall is in search of an Assistant Film Editor. This person needs to be available for most of the month of October as they will be working on-site with the filming crew during the shoot days doing rough footage assembly. Pay, meals and overnight accommodations in the filming area will be provided.

    If the producers and editors are impressed with the rough footage assembly, it is possible this person could also work with them through post, becoming the main Editor.

    They prefer the person has a background in thriller, suspense or horror film genres as an editor or assistant editor. They also require that the person has their own editing equipment. However, all submissions of resumes will be considered.

    To apply for this open position, please send your resume and demo reels to:

    Please be sure you include your phone number and e-mail address. If they are interested in talking with you further once they have reviewed your information, they will contact you via phone and/or e-mail.

    Ohio University Based Independent Film Seeks Male Actor
    Film Needs Male Actor, Age Late 30s To 50s, To Play Father Of 2

    [read more]

    Independent film, "Just South Of North," affiliated with The Ohio University School of Film and Media Arts & Studies seeks a male actor to play a father of 2 for no more than 2 weekend days in October.

    Actor will be provided with food, transportation costs and a copy of the completed work for his portfolio.

    Auditions by appointment preferred. PLEASE e-mail:, to schedule an audition appointment.

    Audition Information:
    Where: Rollins Room, Alden Library
    30 Park Pl, Athens, OH 45701

    When: Saturday, August 31st, 4pm-6:30pm

    PLEASE bring headshot/photograph and resume to audition.

    They will also be accepting videos. Youtube videos can be linked and sent to:

    If anyone has additional questions, please contact production via email or through their facebook page:

    Stanley Sr. (father of the children) (late 30's-late 50's):A beer drinking, red blooded, rural American man. By day, he works the same job he has since high school, as a local butcher, and by night, he watches ESPN and NASCAR after dinner. He drinks every night, just to get up the next day and go back to the same day of work that he's known his whole life. Stanley Sr. has inklings of compassion towards his children but his man/child behavior keeps him at a superficial arms length away at all times.

    Full-Time Acting Positions Available
    The Murder Mystery Company Is Auditioning In Columbus For Their Ohio Based Troupe

    [read more]

    The Murder Mystery Company is seeking actors (Male/Female) who must have: experience with improv, dinner theater and/or interactive theater, a VERY outgoing personality and a flexible schedule. Actors are paid for each show they perform in and will also be reimbursed for gas under many circumstances.

    Auditions will be held Wednesday, August 28th and Thursday, August 29th! Auditions will be held at The Commerce Building located at 31-39 E. Gay St., Columbus, Ohio.

    These are scheduled auditions.

    Please submit your headshot and theatrical resume to with the subject heading "Ohio Auditions" to be considered.

    Don't delay: Submit your information to audition to be a part of one of the fastest growing interactive dinner theater companies in the nation!

    Ms. Candy Bennett Utilizes The Greater Columbus Film Commission's Studio Space
    Did you know that The Greater Columbus Film Commission has open studio space that Columbus area productions can utilize? Well, we do!

    [read more]

    The Greater Columbus Film Commission currently offers an open studio space that local area productions may utilize for filming, casting, recording and meeting. And, local industry professional Ms. Candy Bennett, is taking full advantage of it's use!

    In this photograph, Candy, and her assistant, Nathan McGuire, are in the process of interviewing, Mr. Allen Honigberg for her radio show, "Take Your Places!," on iTunes.

    Mr. Honigberg has had a long and lustrous career as a writer for such well-known individuals as, Mr. Walter Cronkite. In 1989, he was the writer and interviewer on the documentary, "A Night In Havana: Dizzie Gillespie In Cuba," which won a Silver Plaque for "Best Documentary," at the Chicago International Film Festival. What an interesting gentleman and life! (Can't wait to download it and hear about his many interesting stories and adventures in writing!)

    This is not the first time Ms. Bennett has utilized our studio for her projects. She also scheduled time for the space recently to hold a casting call for a client. She states, "I find it convenient and I am appreciative of the fact that it is available to me for my projects. It is a nice space!"

    The studio space consists of a large room with a smaller room at the end of it. They can be scheduled to be used together for a project, such as the recent casting call, or separately, such as, Candy, used it in the photo, utilizing only the smaller room for the recording studio. We encourage filmmakers, casting agents and other industry professionals to contact us to schedule the space for their use.

    This is just one part of what The Greater Columbus Film Commission does to support the local film and media industry in Columbus and central Ohio. When you have questions or need assistance with your project, we are always willing to lend an ear, our time, a meeting room and our best industry opinion.

    To schedule an appointment to use the studio space contact:

    Angella Smith
    Production Coordinator
    The Greater Columbus Film Commission

    Jackass presents: Bad Grandpa starring Johnny Knoxville - shot in Columbus!
    Johnny Knoxville Film Shot in Columbus Set for Theatrical Release in October. Greater Columbus Film Commission Played Important Role in Production Support.

    [read more]


    Date: August 6th, 2013

    Greater Columbus Film Commission
    Thomas McClure - Executive Director

    Johnny Knoxville Film Shot in Columbus Set for Theatrical Release in October

    Greater Columbus Film Commission Played Important Role in Production Support

    Columbus, Oh-BAD GRANDPA, starring Johnny Knoxville ("Jackass: The Movie") filmed partly in Columbus in late 2012 for nearly 4 weeks. Theatrical release for the film has been set for October 26.

    The Greater Columbus Film Commission (GCFC) helped this production with crew, transportation, lodging, permits, and other requests.

    "It was difficult not to talk about this production taking place in Columbus last year, especially when Facebook was blowing up with photos of Johnny Knoxville just hanging out in the Short North!" said Thomas McClure, Executive Director of GCFC says. "The Film Commission played an integral role in making sure the film's production needs and requests were met. Credit also goes to the Ohio Film Office, Mayor Coleman's office, and Columbus Recreation and Parks department. When the city (and state) pull together like this for visiting productions, it leaves a positive impression on the production, which will hopefully persuade them to come back and shoot another film. I heard that they loved Columbus!"

    "Bad Grandpa" was directed by Jeff Tremain, produced by MTV Films, and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

    In the movie, 86-year-old Irving Zisman is on a journey across America with the most unlikely of companions, his 8 year-old Grandson Billy. Irving (Johnny Knoxville) and Billy (Jackson Nicholl) will take movie audiences along for the most insane hidden camera road trip ever captured on camera. Along the way Irving will introduce the young and impressionable Billy to people, places and situations that give new meaning to the term childrearing. The duo will encounter male strippers, disgruntled child beauty pageant contestants (and their equally disgruntled mothers), funeral home mourners, biker bar patrons and a whole lot of unsuspecting citizens.

    From USA Today, "Knoxville even had a gun pulled on him by golfers on a Columbus, Ohio, golf course after Zisman riled them up as the groundskeeper-from-hell."

    See article here:

    *Schiller Park is in the last scene of the trailer.


    Locations Expo and Why It's Important for Columbus!
    The AFCI Locations Show 2013 will be hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center, opposite the LA Live Complex, on Thursday - Saturday, June 27-29, 2013.

    [read more]

    For the first time in several years, Columbus will have representation at the AFCI Locations Showcase in LA!

    Locations Show brings together hundreds of global production VIPs from independent filmmaker to industry veteran to media to film commissioner, while showcasing an unbeatable display of incentives, production locations, and business and support services.

    Not only will the Greater Columbus Film Commission get to exhibit at the locations showcase, we will have opportunities to learn from other industry professionals at TheGrill!

    For the first time, TheWrap brings its unique, high-level conference, TheGrill, to the AFCI Locations Show. Join the leaders in film financing and global production for a full day of thought-provoking conversations led by TheWrap Editor in Chief, Sharon Waxman. Friday, June 28, 2013 from 9am to 4pm at the AFCI Locations Show.

    Why Exhibit?

    When it comes to showcasing your jurisdiction, facilities and capabilities to scores of current and potential clients, Locations Show earns its reputation as the go-to event for the global production industry. Sure, digital technology has enabled our communication to transcend time zones, but there's no substitute for the power of face-to-face communication. A few of the many reasons to exhibit at Locations Show 2013:

      Gain not just real-time, but real-life access to scores of prospects worldwide
      Create a lasting visual impression of your location, product or service
      Elevate the advantages of your commission or company
      Usher promising communications and sales leads
      Starring Roles

    Film Commissions will be complemented on the show floor by dozens of service industry partners emphasizing even more compelling reasons to shoot in your corner of the globe:

      Cinematic Equipment and Resources
      Convention and Visitor's Bureaus
      Film and Television Studios
      Film-friendly Locations
      Financial Support and Incentive Brokers
      Guilds and Associations
      Hotels and Resorts
      Industry Publications
      New Media
      Production Support Companies
      Travel Support
      The Guest List

    Seize this unparalleled environment to personally cultivate relationships old and new with filmmakers, directors, producers and screenwriters to actors, agents, attorneys and scouts representing esteemed Industry Guilds and Associations including:

      Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP)
      Alliance of Women Directors
      American Cinema Editors
      Art Directors Guild (ADG)
      American Society of Cinematographers (ASC)
      Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS)
      British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA)
      Director's Guild of America (DGA)
      Filmmakers Alliance
      Film Independent (FIND)
      International Documentary Association (IDA)
      Independent Film and Television Alliance (IFTA)
      Location Managers Guild of America (LMGA)
      National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
      National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP)
      National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE)
      Producers Guild of America (PGA)
      Screen Actors Guild (SAG)
      Visual Effects Society (VES)
      Writers Guild of America (WGA)

    For more details about the AFCI Locations Show, visit:

    $1 Million Award from EchoLight Studios
    The winning filmmaker will enter into a relationship with partners Echolight Studios and 168 Media, LLC to create a God-honoring film with a distribution plan.

    [read more]

    168 Film Project

    In its 11th year, the 168 Film Project Speed Filmmaking Competition (168) is pleased to announce the EchoLight Award; a feature film budget of up to $1 Million for the producer of the Best Short Film of 2013. The entry deadline is May 11 for the Atonement-themed competition. For Info see

    The winning filmmaker will enter into a relationship with partners Echolight Studios and 168 Media, LLC to create a God-honoring film with a distribution plan.

    The $1 Million Award from 168 Presenting Sponsor EchoLight Studios is part of a seven figure commitment to the next generation of faith-based filmmakers.

    Echolight recently awarded $250K at the San Antonio Christian Film Festival. The prize was won by the 168 Best Film of 2011, "Useless" by Dennis and Olivia Bentivengo and writer/director Brandon Adams. The runner-up, "Static," produced by Brandon Carmichael, Alan Tregoning and Jason Walter Vaile with Best Actress, Morgan Alana Taylor, was also made specifically for the 168 Film Project in 2012.

    "I am very excited to see "168" filmmakers lauded by these awards! This is a great leap for the producers of the short films in our contest and it proves the effectiveness of our model," said 168 Founder and Director John David Ware. "Many of our producers and directors are currently moving up to making feature-length films, and this is a great encouragement for them to continue to excel."

    The partnership with EchoLight began when 168 founder John David Ware and EchoLight principals, Bobby Downes and Christopher Morrow collaborated on the film industry panel discussion at the Faith 'N' Film Summit at the National Association of Broadcasters 90,000 attendee show in 2012.

    EchoLight President Bobby Downes said, "These awards build on EchoLight's commitment to not only distribute quality faith and family films but to encourage excellence among the coming generation of filmmakers."

    According to Morrow, Chief EchoLight Global Strategist, "It's an honor to partner with 168, especially because of our mutual goal to illuminate the Word of God through film."

    The 168 contest is a worldwide incubator for artists focused on the media. 168 provides a proving ground for filmmakers, writers, actors and all who are interested in creating stories for popular culture. 168 includes writing and filmmaking competition, training and exhibition.

    Filmmakers are challenged to communicate the message of a randomly-selected scripture onscreen, with just 168 hours for production and post. The 168 library has grown to nearly 600 Bible-inspired short films in the first 10 years.

    Entry fees ($198-348 per team) include free tickets, a possible L.A. screening and a chance at over $1 Million in cash and prizes. "Best" Awards are given in over 20 categories including Best Actor/Actress.

    Up to 500 films are expected to come from any location, worldwide.

    According to Ware, "168 asks deep questions. Filmmakers, writers and audiences alike explore the Word of God from the Bible. That's one of the reasons Directors like Jim McKinney ("The Party," with Maggie Elizabeth Jones, 2010) come back after awhile. The $1 Million might have something to do with that too! But, whether subtle, or bold in message, '168' stories change lives! These short films help to redefine films of faith in terms of quality and inspirational message."

    Filmmakers get 10-days for writing and pre-production and then exactly 168 hours to shoot and edit a 10-minute film. Entrants are responsible for all arrangements regarding their team and budget.

    An all-star jury led by veterans in the film industry screens the finalists. Past jury member David McFadzean, (Executive producer/Co-Creator of "Home Improvement" and Executive producer of "What Women Want") said, "In the time limit they've been given, the production values are very impressive, everything from the editing to the set design, all of it."

    Columbus Ohio Feature Film - Star and The Snowman
    needs your support...

    [read more]

    Columbus Ohio film needs your support!

    "We are Ohio-based filmmakers on a mission - a mission to produce world-class independent films in Ohio that can compete in the broader feature film market. Not an easy task.

    In the spring of 2012, we shot three scenes from the script as a proof-of-concept to illustrate director John Whitney's vision for Star and the Snowman."

    Get more details, see a completed scene, learn about the amazing team that's putting this

    Star and The Snowman (Sample scenes) from Arbor Avenue Films on Vimeo.

    Firearms Training for Actors!
    Tactical Black is a professional firearms training company based in LA!

    [read more]

    Tactical Black is coming back to Columbus to conduct a few seminars on weapons training for actors or anyone desiring to learn how to properly handle weapons.

    Course Dates February 15th & 16th.

    We are offering a special combined dry training and live fire course which condenses our curriculum into 3 hours. Course run times are as follows:

    MORNING CLASS - 10.00AM to 1.00PM - Combined Dry Train & Live Fire Course - $150
    AFTERNOON CLASS - 1.30PM to 4.30PM - Combined Dry Train & Live Fire Course - $150
    EVENING CLASS - 5.00PM to 8.00PM - Combined Dry Train & Live Fire Course - $150

    *People are advised to arrive 15 minutes early to check in. Booking in advance is required.

    These prices DO NOT INCLUDE range fees or weapons rentals. The range fees and weapons rentals can be purchased and paid directly to the range. We encourage course participants to bring their own weapons if they have them as training on your own system is recommended. All courses must be paid in advance.

    Don't hesitate to contact Kim if you have any questions.

    Kim Laird
    CFO Tactical Black

    Course Breakdown:
    Introduction to Instructors
    Course aims and objectives
    Range safety briefing and ground rules
    Safe weapons handling
    Fundamentals of handgun shooting
    Grip, stance, trigger control
    Sights, loading/unloading
    Presentation and target engagement from holster
    Post fire response
    Contact shooting 5 - 7 yards
    Controlled pairs

    Aidan 5: Then Web Series Season 2 Casting Call

    [read more]

    Casting Alert!

    Aidan 5: The Web Series is a Sci-Fi Noir web series that has gained international attention, won several awards, and has been nominated for several industry awards over the past few years.

    Aidan 5 Season 2 is casting for characters of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicities. Auditions are going to run a little differently this time - if interested please RSVP to and reserve a "one hour window" for your audition. This will prevent actors from having to sit around all day at the audition waiting. Please include your name, email address, phone number, and preferred hours and the day you would prefer to audition. Please be prepared to be flexible with time.

    Auditions will be held from 8am-5pm on January 19th and 20th at a location that is to be determined.

    Auditions will take part in two sessions each day: A morning session from 8am-12pm and an afternoon session from 12:30pm-5pm...16 people per session. A second casting session will be held in February.

    Headshots are helpful, but not necessary. Actors do NOT need to have a prepared monologue. Just come prepared to work with the casting coordinators on a scene or two.

    AIDAN 5 is supported by an ALL VOLUNTEER CAST AND CREW so these positions are not paid.

    For more information about AIDAN 5, check out

    America's Got Talent Season 8

    [read more]

    America's Got Talent is back for Season 8!

    We are coming to Columbus, OH for our first time and want to see your talent!!

    Any Age...Any talent, just come with your 90 second audition prepared!!

    Auditions are being held at Greater Columbus Convention Center on January 19 & 20, 2013.

    For more information about auditions and how to pre-register please visit America's Got Talent

    Happy New Year!!!
    The Greater Columbus Film Commission wishes everyone...

    [read more]

    The Greater Columbus Film Commission wishes everyone a safe and happy New Year! May 2013 bring you lots of love, luck, and laughter!

    CASTING ALERT! VJ's for OneBeat needed!
    OneBeat,, is the source for EDM music online. With a rapidly growing network of YouTube channels, we currently host 50m views per month coming from across the US, UK and around the globe.

    [read more]

    OneBeat,, is the source for EDM music online. With a rapidly growing network of YouTube channels, we currently host 50m views per month coming from across the US, UK and around the globe.

    We're looking for a couple of VJs to join our network and help us bring our fans the best of the best across the OneBeat Network. You'll be hosting a bi-weekly review show about the best content up to and coming up after each episode.Conduct interviews with some of the biggest names in EDM and the hottest up-and-coming artists. Once the show is established, expect to travel occasionally to concerts and events we're highlighting..

    What we're looking for:
    Girls and guys 18-28
    Music lovers. You need to be a fan of EDM and a student of the world of music. You're a student of this world, the artists and the trends driving the changes behind the music.
    You engage in culture. You know the scene we live in and talk it and walk it.
    You are journalistic. You can deliver the news in a direct manner yet add your own flavor to everything through a loose, conversational touch. Guy or gal, mega-celeb or underground artist, you are a student of their work and are intrigued and engaging.
    Casual and conversational. You can carry a conversation, ask the right questions and get the most out of those you talk to.

    What we want to see:
    Videos no longer than 5 minutes posted to YouTube with unlisted links
    Email with the link to your unlisted YouTube video
    You need to sell us on what makes you a great VJ, tell us about your passion and experience with EDM and music in general
    Explain any experience that makes you the right fit for the job
    Show us your personality, sense of fashion and charisma
    Let's see your interview skills. Drop out on the town and give us some insight into your question and conversation skills by interviewing someone.

    CASTING ALERT! - Keep Indie Visible
    People and actors of all ages, ethnicities and genders are welcome to apply and to say a few lines in our video.

    [read more]

    Online Audition for fundraising video:

    We are working on a video campaign to help Independent theaters across the country raise money to purchase new digital projectors. The campaign is called Keep Indie Visible. We are looking for real people with a passion for Indie theater who would like to help us out. People and actors of all ages, ethnicities and genders are welcome to apply and to say a few lines in our video. If you are interested, please provide us with a current photo and any acting experience you may have.

    Since this project is a fundraising effort, we have a small budget for compensation.

    Shoot Dates: September 21st (Friday) and/or September 22nd (Saturday)

    Please respond to the email below. Our timeline is short and our task is great.

    Joshua D. Jenks (Producer)
    Calabrese Studio

    Wayne Calabrese (Director)
    Calabrese Studio

    Casting Alert! Don't Tell The Bride - Reality Show
    The casting deadline for "Don't Tell The Bride" has been extended to October and the are still looking for couples for Don't Tell The Bride.

    [read more]

    The casting deadline for "Don't Tell The Bride" has been extended to October and the are still looking for couples for Don't Tell The Bride.

    They are giving grooms 2 weeks and $20,000 to plan their dream wedding WITHOUT any input from their bride. This is a fantastic and uplifting show that is going to help some deserving couples celebrate their love.

    If you know of a couple that would be interested in this opportunity, please have them email

    Don't Tell The Bride

    ABC's Switched at Birth Ryan Lane Signs onto Columbus Feature Film!
    Leading the way, deaf actor, RYAN LANE plays opposite blind actress to be the first to take advantage of the Ohio Film Incentive in the capital city of Columbus.

    [read more]

    'In Other Words' - Jeremy, at a young age loses his hearing and then his father, as a teen
    he becomes embittered and enraged by life's losses and cuts off communication from
    the hearing world. After enrollment in a special boarding school he is love stricken
    by student and graceful dancer Lenora, whom he comes to find out is blind. Through
    hurdling the communication barriers they forge a bond. Jeremy is challenged by her joy
    for life and faith in God.

    The producer stated, "This film is a first of its kind", the first to have a deaf actor playing
    opposite a blind actress for the two lead roles.

    Deaf actor, Ryan Lane (ABC Family's Switched at Birth and FOX's House M.D.) has
    signed on to play Jeremy Wilde the main character of the film.

    Ryan Lane says of the film, "This movie is something that, as far as I know, has never
    been done before. Being deaf, I never thought about how I would communicate with a
    blind person and this concept is very interesting and exciting to me. Being the only deaf
    person in a hearing family, It's hard for me to understand someone like Jeremy, who is
    a very closed off to the hearing world. This will be a challenge for me to play such an
    angry person living in the past with no hope for a future, and a challenge I am really
    looking forward to conquering."

    The deaf acting community is large, where as it has been much harder for producers and
    director of 'In Other Words' to find a blind actress. Where many producers would have
    thrown in the towel, they committed to using a blind or visually impaired actress for the
    leading lady.

    This is the first film to have the entire production in the state capital under the Ohio film
    incentive. "Columbus has so much to offer…The Ohio School for the Blind has a brand
    new facility and dorms for our locations", says director Joshua A. Porter. The movie is
    currently in preproduction with I'AMedia ltd, an Ohio film studio.

    Although in early stages, several distributors have expressed their interest in this project
    and have scheduled meetings, solely based on the intrigue and uniqueness of the script.
    The producers hope to secure a limited theatrical distribution deal that will showcase the
    film in at least four hundred theaters. Ryan Lane's agent, Robbie Mahrou (369 Universal
    Artists) and I'AMedia are working together to secure a product placement deal for a big
    name voice relay service provider in the film. - Joshua Porter (Director)

    For more information contact: and follow us on Facebook 'In Other Words - The Movie'

    The 48 Hour Film Project Columbus 2012 Trailers
    Here's a sneak peek at a few of the films made during this year's 48 Hour Film Project in Columbus!

    [read more]

    The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and a team make a movie-write, shoot, edit and score it-in just 48 hours.

    On Friday night, you get a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a genre, all to include in your movie. 48 hours later, the movie must be complete. Then it will show at a local theater, usually in the next week.

    In 2012, over 50,000 filmmakers will make almost 4,000 films in 120 cities on 6 continents around the world. Over the 11 years of 48 Hour Film Project over 19,000 films have been made by 278,000 people. ~ The 48 Hour Film Project Columbus

    Columbus' 48 Hour Film Project took place last weekend, and this weekend is when the screenings start! Each year, the films just get better and better!

    Premiere Screenings
    Date August 4, 7 & 8, 2012
    Time: 10:00am, 12pm, 2pm, 6:30 & 8:30pm
    Place: Arena Grand Movie Theatre, 175 West Nationwide Boulevard Columbus, OH 43215
    Tickets: $8.00 plus processing fees (purchase them here)
    Notes: We're changing our ticket practices this year. All tickets will be sold online or through an 800 number. Tickets will need to be printed from your computer and will be scanned at the door of the theatre. The ticket sales URL will be live after the event weekend. ALSO** We can only post the first three screenings - we have three more scheduled for August 7th (Group A, 6:30pm | Group B, 8:30pm) and August 8th (Group C, 6:30pm). ALL screenings can be accessed through the ticket purchase link.

    Here's a sneak peek at a few of the films. Enjoy!

    New Martial Arts Comic Book "Black Salt" to Launch New Series
    Black Salt is a heroic story told in the classic tradition of martial arts entertainment.

    [read more]

    New Martial Arts Comic Book "Black Salt" Invites Fans to Help Launch New Series

    Ratti Entertainment LLC is finishing up the last two issues of the new martial arts comic book series entitled "Black Salt; The Last Heroes Left". The comic book story is adapted from an original screen play.

    Gliding across the Pacific, Asian martial arts has become part of the mainstream of American culture. There is still a big demand for the action martial arts genre and the creators of a new action adventure comic plan to deliver just what the fans are looking for. "Black Salt" is an epic thriller merging the world of modern-day espionage and political intrigue with the ancient world of martial arts. Columbus, Ohio creator Owen Ratliff invites the genre's 100 million martial artist and enthusiasts worldwide to be part of the action. "We are hoping our fans and the public will help us finish the comic book series by donating to our Indiegogo campaign," says Owen Ratliff, CEO of Ratti Entertainment LLC.

    Black Salt is a heroic story told in the classic tradition of martial arts entertainment. The main character, Yu Bai Skek, was on the trail of a man who murdered a fellow monastery worker. Yu loses the man's trail and instead runs across a young African-American boy and his mother just as they are assaulted by common street thugs. The Shaolin master saves the boy, but the mother tragically dies from an accidental knife stab to the heart. Filled with compassion, and acting against his sacred traditions, Master Yu resolves to raise and train the newly orphaned boy, Sam.
    Yu Bai Shek, teaches the eight-year-old Sam many of Shaolin's deadliest skills over a period of ten years, but could not take him to Shaolin Temple because Sam was not Chinese. Sam ends up teaching Yu Bai Shek one of his greatest lessons. A man should be judged in life by the pureness of his heart and his deeds and not by his origin or what Klan he was born into.

    Ratti Entertainment LLC has invited their fans and the public to get involved by launching a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to help finish the comic book series/graphic novel. The creators are offering some great rewards for fan participation, from executive producer credits to comic book copies of issues #1- #6 and merchandise from the Black Salt apparel line.

    View the funding program on:

    The Black Salt franchise includes, but is not limited to, the following: Black Salt collectible items, Apparel Line, Comic Books, Trading Cards, Toys, Animated Series, Video Games and Feature Film Trilogy. Ratti's main goal is to release the comic book series and the apparel line to build the brand and establish the property as a bankable IP. Black Salt's demographic is 18- 45 year old males.

    Other team members from Columbus Ohio are: John Newkirk, Brian Robinson, Jay Brooks and John Valera.

    ATTENTION Short and Ultra-Low Budget Feature Films
    Have you ever thought about elevating the quality of your next short film or ultra-low budget feature? Do you think it may be too expensive (no), or too much paperwork (no)?

    [read more]

    Have you ever thought about elevating the quality of your next short film or ultra-low budget feature? Do you think it may be too expensive (no), or too much paperwork (no)?

    Join us to learn more about the SAG Agreements and how simple it is to use union performers for your next project!

    You know that as a union member every time your moving image or voice is recorded, you need to make sure you are under contract.

    Come hear all about the SAG low budget short and feature Agreements.

    What a great opportunity to bring together filmmakers who are looking for amazing talent, and amazing talent who are looking for work!

    Kathy Byrne, Director of TV/Theatrical for SAG-AFTRA Chicago will be conducting a seminar on these Agreements on:

    August 25th from 10 a.m. - 1p.m.
    Longworth Hall - 700 W. Pete Rose Way
    2nd Floor Banquet Hall
    Cincinnati, OH 45203
    (Enter through main lobby and proceed to 2nd floor.)

    Snacks and beverages provided.

    There will also be plenty of time for networking!

    RSVP is REQUIRED in order to attend.
    Please contact Kim Davis at 513.579.8668 or via email:

    Talent Agencies..what are they? Do I need one?
    Article written by Sarah Ginsberg - talent agent at Heyman Talent Agency

    [read more]

    So, what is a talent agency? Many people may ask themselves what exactly a talent agency is, that is not a silly question! Professional talent agencies come in all shapes and sizes and cater to different markets, clients, and talent. A talent agency is a service that fits the right talent with the right client and facilitates a project on behalf of both parties.

    Why does a talent need an agent? Once an actor, model, or voice over talent decides they want to conduct their career on a professional level, they should seek proper representation with a suitable agency to assist in finding the best projects possible. Why do agents take a commission? Agencies provide a great service to professional talent by superior marketing and career support. They seek out legitimate paid opportunities, request proper rates and amenities, and secure funds on behalf of professional talent.

    There are many different types of agencies. Some talent agencies represent only a certain type of talent, for example, modeling agencies exclusively represent professional models. There are also agencies that require certain career levels and experience in order to consider a talent for representation. A boutique agency offers clients and talent highly specialized support, while larger agencies can give the benefit of a larger reach.

    Heyman Talent is a union franchised, certified, full service agency catering to the Midwest in four office locations. Heyman Talent is committed to bringing opportunities to the talent we represent and to the film production and advertising industry. With three offices in the Midwest and one in the Northeast, our vision is to be recognized as a national leader in talent representation. We are dedicated to consistently delivering the highest standards and quality of service to help enhance our clients' projects and bring them to life. Core values are shared by every member of our staff and we strive to be a benefit to our community and be a valuable resource to our clients.

    Our motto: Local roots with a National Reach!

    What does Heyman do for Columbus? Heyman Talent Columbus is extremely active in the entertainment and fashion industry of this emerging market. Sponsoring runway and independent film events, donating to charities including CD102.5 for the Kids and Relay for Life, and as members of the Short North Business Association, Women's Fund, and Better Business Bureau. We also enjoy judging fashion contests, pageants, and showcase events.

    Who works at Heyman Columbus? Heyman Talent Columbus offers professional talent agents Sarah Ginsberg and Jennifer Remark. New Talent Coordinator and Booking Assistant Sophia Cullen and Audition Coordination by scOtt summitt. Heyman is also proud to provide ongoing internships to those seeking a glimpse into the life of an agency.

    Campus MovieFest Announces Winning Short Movies from Annual CMF Hollywood Awards
    Weekend of Festivities Celebrated the World's Largest Student Film Festival

    [read more]

    HOLLYWOOD, June 25, 2012 - Campus MovieFest (CMF), the world's largest student film festival, announced the winning short movies awarded by special industry guests from its 2011-2012 World Tour. CMF, founded by four students over eleven years ago, has provided over 500,000 participants with laptops, camcorders, and training to create short movies for free.

    CMF hosted its red carpet CMF Hollywood Awards at the Globe Theatre at Universal Studios on Saturday, June 23, with special guests including Jack McBrayer (30 Rock), Danny Pudi (Community), Horatio Sanz (SNL), Stana Katic (Castle), Wally Pfister (Inception and The Dark Knight), and host Adam Ferrara (Top Gear). Student filmmakers from nearly 100 participating campuses attended the event, with award-winning films showcased.

    Ohio State University was recognized at Saturday's event, thanks to the short film "Power to Kill", directed by Jack McClintock. The film was recognized as a "Top 25" nominee for Best Picture. This film won Best Picture at Ohio State University as well as Golden Tripod Nominees for Best Actor and Best Cinematography on the National level.

    Other winners were as followed:

    Best Picture: THE STRONG ONE, North Carolina State University
    Best Comedy: MAN CRUSH, Indiana University
    Best Drama: VIOLET, New York University
    Elfenworks Social Justice Category TAKING A STAND, Rutgers - New Brunswick
    CMF 3D: THE TIFF by Matt Lincoln, New York University

    CMF also awarded a series of its Golden Tripod Awards for special categories, including:

    Best Actor: Landon Scott, MAN CRUSH, Indiana University
    Best Actress: Alix Cuadra, IN THE FOREST OF DARKNESS, San Francisco State
    Best Cinematographer: VIOLET, New York University
    Best Director: Nicholas Sailer, THE STRONG ONE, North Carolina State University
    Best Editing: LOOK WHO'S COMING TO LUNCH, Rowan University
    Best Soundtrack: EAST BAY DILLINGERG, San Francisco State
    Best Special Effects: THE VESTIGE, Cal Poly Pomona
    Best Story: EMPTY PAGES, La Salle University
    The Poo Industries Lifetime Achievement Award: Punchkiss Productions, San Diego State University

    CMF Hollywood featured a full slate of unforgettable events, including screenings of more than 200 student short movies on the Universal lot, workshops led by industry leaders, advance studio screenings from Universal and Disney, networking opportunities, a College Battle of the Bands finale concert, and more. A Resumé and Reels program provided students with one-on-one opportunities to meet industry luminaries for advice and guidance. The events were made possible thanks to Panasonic, Lenovo, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, American Film Institute, and more.

    "We began Campus MovieFest with the goal of letting students tell their stories on the big screen," said David Roemer, Co-founder of Campus MovieFest. "As we now enter our second decade of CMF, we couldn't be more thrilled by the passion of the student filmmakers, the quality of the short movies, and the exceptional support from the industry leaders and premier brands."

    Other highlights of the events included:

    Campus MovieFest and Lenovo announced the "Seize the Night" Film Your Own Ending Competition. The competition empowers student filmmakers from around the globe to create alternate endings to Lenovo's acclaimed "Seize the Night" ad supporting the company's recent Ultrabook "Book of Do" advertising campaign, with production budgets provided to fifteen filmmaking teams and over $30k in cash and prizes.

    The second annual CMF 3D student film festival again provided students with the latest Panasonic 3D camcorders, training, and support to create their own 3D short movies.

    The CMF Distinguished Filmmakers Network, which comprises the top CMF filmmakers, unveiled over $100,000 in filmmaking opportunities for its participants.

    The Campus MovieFest 2012-13 World Tour kicks off in August 2012. Stay tuned to for all the information.

    About Ideas United and Campus MovieFest
    Ideas United began 11 years ago when four students at Emory University created Campus MovieFest (CMF), which has since become the world's largest student film festival. CMF offers equipment and training to students at participating campuses to create their own five-minute movies in a week all for free. Over 500,000 students have shared their stories, earning over $2 million in prizing and seeing their films on big screens around the globe, at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and on millions of smaller screens - including in-flight, on television, and online. Tapping into this pool of talented young filmmakers, IU created its Distinguished Filmmakers Network and launched IU Productions to provide paid, professional opportunities to its filmmakers, and to provide high-quality, authentic content to its partners. Find out more at and

    Editor's Note
    All films can be viewed at

    Media Contact:
    Campus MovieFest
    Jessica Reynoso, 404-939-3619,

    I'AMedia Studios Preparing to host Hollywood Filmmakers!
    "We are renovating the I'AMedia studio located in downtown Columbus to host hollywood filmmakers coming to Ohio which desire to stay to take advantage of the Ohio Tax Credit Incentive." - Joshua Porter (Owner/Cinematographer)

    [read more]

    Here's what I'AMedia Studios is doing:

    1. Putting in a 20x30 foot cyc wall within a 40x40 space.
    2. Post production editing suite, 15x20 foot, running Avid Media composer 6 / FCP 10, 4x8 foot sound recording booth...suitable for digital video editing, color correction and audio mixing with 5.1 surround sound.
    3. New kitchen
    4. Expanding second floor to hold pre-production meetings and castings.

    I'AMedia is a major supporter of Film Columbus and a major supporter of the Columbus film community. To learn more about I'AMedia, please visit their website:

    LA Filmmaker, originally from Utica, OH, is slated to shoot a feature length film in Columbus, OH later this year.

    [read more]

    John David Hartfield (actor and filmmaker) believes in creating his own opportunities. Most recently, he completed his short film "Homecoming" (shot with Columbus local actors, crew, equipment, etc...), which is slated to screen in Columbus, OH later this year. He hopes that the screening will draw more audience and interest in this personal story, as he has plans to shoot the full feature film in Columbus, OH.

    "For the feature version, I feel we can utilize Columbus for most of the NY scenes especially office buildings, parks, and brownstones. I am screening the film in Columbus for it's first time because of my connection to Ohio. I also have other projects which i feel can be filmed in and around Columbus. Im trying to biild my production company and hope to have it centralized in Ohio eventually."


    First feature film made. First festival joined. And now, first and top prize won. Filmmaker and Columbus, Ohio native David Sabbath has been lining up his firsts and is working to keep them coming.

    [read more]

    COLUMBUS, May 9 2012 - First feature film made. First festival joined. And now, first
    and top prize won. Filmmaker and Columbus, Ohio native David Sabbath has been lining
    up his firsts and is working to keep them coming.

    Shortly after completing and premiering "God Don't' Make the Laws," Sabbath's
    screenwriting and directing debut won Best Feature Film and Best Drama Feature at
    the LA Film, TV and Webisode Festival (LAFTVW). LAFTW is a festival for independent
    filmmakers held in Beverly Hills, California. "God Don't Make the Laws," a full-length
    feature about how a stranger's arrival upends the perfectly preserved perfection of a
    small town, is Sabbath's first ever screenwriting credit, and it won't be the last.
    Of winning this award, Sabbath said, "I'm pleased that all the hard work and the
    wonderful story was well-received and honored." After the festival, Sabbath signed an
    American Distribution Contract and the film will be released in the fall. The film was
    judged on its merit of scriptwriting, acting and direction.

    Sabbath has kept himself busy writing even as his movie gains momentum, and the
    industry is looking forward to more. His script "Hope's Nocturnal," a film about a
    desperate and dying man that meets hope on Earth in the form of a bohemian cab driver
    who gives him super hero qualities that ultimately change his final days on earth, won
    "Movie that Needs to be Made" at the Tehachapi Film Festival. Another script,
    "Nevermore," this time about a young woman who spends her days reading poetry at an
    orphanage and her nights hunting down and destroying evil, was a finalist for the Golden
    Palm Screenwriting Award at the Beverly Hills Film Festival. His script "The Abyss of
    Pain," a film set around a U.S. Olympic rower at the Beijing Olympics who has been
    assigned by his government not to chase the gold medal, but to find and kill a deadly
    terrorist, is one of the six finalists for Best Script at the ReelHEART International Film

    Riding on the successes of his debut film, Sabbath is currently in discussion with various
    producers in bringing his next script to life. He says, "the opportunities are exciting and I
    feel working in features improve my craft as a commercial director." Sabbath is currently
    slated to direct a short film in New York this summer about the college years of Barack

    For more information please contact David Sabbath, THREE DOG FILMS at

    Basic Tips for Filming
    All filmmakers had to start by picking up a camera. Then what?

    [read more]

    Everyone who owns a video camera is a filmmaker right? Wrong. Filmmakers tell a story with their camera. However to tell a story that your audiences will actually want to sit through, you must use some basic techniques and grow your craft. Here are some basic tips to follow:

    Licensing Music For Film
    What every director needs to know before choosing music.

    [read more]

    1. Music is copyright protected- what does that mean?
    Copyright protection is awarded to "original works of authorship," which are expressive and fixed in a tangible form. Copyright is a legal monopoly that allows the creator to control who is able to use the work and how it is used, displayed, copied or performed. Copyright protection is granted the moment of creation. However, full protections, such as pursuing an action for infringement, are granted only to those who register the work with the United States Copyright Office.
    Title 17 of the United States Code governs copyrights in the United States. For the full text of Title 17, you may find it at the United States Copyright Office's website here:

    2. How is music copyrighted?
    Music is copyrighted in two ways: phonorecords and sound recordings. A phonorecord is the physical embodiment upon which the music is recorded such as a CD, record or audio cassette. A sound recording is a work comprised of the fixation of sounds, such as a series of musical notes or voice. Sound recordings do not include sounds accompanying films or audiovisual works.

    3. Where can I find who owns the copyright?
    You can search the US Copyright Office's database on its website:

    4. If it's not your own music, you need a license to use it. Why?
    The copyright owner has exclusive control over how the music is used. If someone wants to use copyrighted music, then the copyright owner has the option whether or not to grant the individual a license, formal permission, to use it. The license can either be exclusive or non-exclusive and terms will vary per negotiation. The licensee will pay a fee to the copyright owner and give credit to the copyright owner at the end of the film. Licensing fees are determined by a variety of factors such as the fame of the song, the fame of the performer and how the song is used in the production.

    5. What types of licenses are required to use music in a film?
    There are two types of licenses you need to use music in film, a master license and a sync license. The master license is granted by the publishing company and the sync license is granted by the record label. It is a good idea to hire a music supervisor to contact the appropriate licensing personnel.

    6. Where can I find a license for the song I want to use?
    There are several companies out there that specialize in helping individuals to obtain both licenses you need and can be easily found via internet search. Most publishing companies use BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, which are the companies that specialize in granting sync licenses. Master use licenses are granted by the record label.

    7. I think the music I want to use is in the public domain. Can I use it without a license?
    This depends. You need to research when the song was created and where you will be exhibiting your piece since the laws vary. Even if a song may be in the public domain, the arrangement you want to use or recording may not be, so a license will be required.
    Consulting with a lawyer on these issues is typically a good idea.  Coincidentally, Burton Law can help you with

    written by Shannon M. Villalba, Esq.
    Burton Law, LLC
    Intellectual property attorney, video editor, multimedia designer and graphic artist

    What Exactly Does a Film Commission Do?
    A film commission helps to facilitate on-location filmmaking within a region by offering production companies a complete range of pre-production services through a central contact point.

    [read more]

    Film commissions provide accurate and timely information regarding local film procedures, permits/guidelines. They also serve as a liaison with governmental departments and agencies, connect them with local communities, and assist in arranging for filming on public property. The film commission also serves as a general resource and clearinghouse for information throughout the region and assist with the following services: site location photography, location library, regional scouting services, liaison with government departments/agencies, and logistical information regarding crew, talent, facilities, stages, equipment, and support services.

    Furthermore, the objectives of AFCI film commissions are:
    To aid the continued improvement in the efficiency and value of film commissions through non-profit research and education activities.
    To promote and further the interests of film commissions by increasing their usefulness to the Film, Television, Video and other related Industries, the media and the public.
    To collect and disseminate information and ideas affecting film commissioners, location filming and the Industry at large among members and all other interested parties.
    To interface with government on matters affecting the Industry and support film commissions within government.
    To advocate professional and ethical conduct within the Industry.
    To foster social responsibility of film commissions and Industry leaders through education and advocacy.
    To promote cooperative relations among all film commissions and seek such cooperation as will promote the highest standards of service.

    To learn more about Film Commissions or the AFCI (Association of Film Commissioners International) go here:

    Josh Radnor - "Liberal Arts" Film
    Filmed right outside of Columbus, OH - IFC Films has acquired North American rights to writer-director-producer Josh Radnor's "Liberal Arts," which will be given a theatrical release later this year.

    Josh Radnor is from Columbus, OH and best known for portraying the main character Ted Mosby in the Emmy Award Winning "How I Met Your Mother".

    [read more]

    In addition to Radnor, pic was produced by financier BCDF Pictures partners Brice Dal Farra, Claude Dal Farra and Lauren Munsch, as well as Jesse Hara of Tom Sawyer Entertainment, the management and production company he runs with Rachel Miller.

    Radnor ("happythankyoumoreplease") stars as a newly-single man who returns to his alma mater for his favorite professor's retirement dinner. A chance meeting with a precocious, classical music-loving sophomore awakens in him long-dormant feelings of possibility and connection.

    Last year's Sundance It-girl Elizabeth Olsen ("Martha Marcy May Marlene") co-stars alongside Richard Jenkins, Allison Janney, John Magaro and "Twilight" thesp Elizabeth Reaser.

    Deal for the film was negotiated by Arianna Bocco, senior VP of acquisitions and productions for Sundance Selects/IFC Films, with The Gersh Agency negotiating on behalf of the filmmakers.

    "There is a reason this is one of the hottest films at Sundance right now. Josh Radnor delivers a poignant and smart comedy, with incredible acting and a terrific screenplay," said Sundance Selects/IFC Films prexy Jonathan Sehring. "We are also very happy to be continuing our relationship with the great people at BCDF Pictures."

    "We have really enjoyed working with Josh Radnor and this incredible cast on Liberal Arts," said BCDF. "IFC's collaborative spirit and passion for the film makes them the perfect distributor. We are pleased to be continuing our relationship with Jonathan Sehring, Arianna Bocco, and the entire IFC team."

    "Josh has crafted a beautiful film that is both moving and incredibly funny," added Hara. "As someone who grew up watching and loving IFC films, I am so excited to partner with them in bringing this movie to audiences."

    BCDF Pictures ("Higher Ground") has two other high profile titles at Sundance; Leslye Headland's raunchy comedy "Bachelorette," starring Kirstein Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson, as well as "Predisposed," which stars Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo and Tracy Morgan. Company recently produced Bruce Beresford's "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding," which IFC Films will distribute in North American this summer. Pic stars Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener, Chace Crawford and Olsen.

    "How I Met Your Mother Star" Radnor wrote, directed and starred in "happythankyoumoreplease," which won the Audience Award at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

    IFC Films is a sister division to IFC Midnight and Sundance Selects, and is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc.

    Contact Jeff Sneider at
    Variety Website

    22 Ways to Improve Your Screenwriting
    WRITTEN BY HAL CROASMUN - ScreenwritingU

    Whether you are trying to learn screenwriting or sell your script, it is important that you take advantage of every opportunity you can to increase your chances of success.

    [read more]

    Some people have estimated the odds of a good screenwriter selling a script to be in the neighborhood of 1 in 5,000.

    What if you could cut that in half just by one action? Now, you're at 1 in 2,500.

    Then, what if you could cut that by 1/5th by taking a series of actions. Now, you're at 1 in 500. And if you continue on that path, sooner or later, you'll get to 1 in 10 or even 1 in 2.

    If you don't believe that, let me ask you this: What are the chances of Charlie Kaufman selling another screenplay?

    He wrote BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, ADAPTATION, and other screenplays. Would you say that his chances of selling another screenplay are pretty high? Would you be shocked to hear that he sold another script in the next six months? I doubt it.

    But if you'd met Charlie Kaufman when he first began writing, wouldn't you say he was right in there with the 1 in 5,000 odds against him?

    My point is this: Everyone starts at 1 in 5,000 odds and it is up to us to shift the odds until they are in our favor. Shifting those odds is just a matter of constantly improving and taking advantage of the opportunities that come to us.

    Below is 22 ways to improve your screenwriting. I've started with the most obvious and built to some ideas that are out of the ordinary.

    I present this list so you will always have a way to improve your screenwriting, even if you are trapped in your room by yourself with no money and no contacts.

    1. Write every day.

    2. Read produced screenplays and search for what they did well. Read for a contest and see the difference between the winners and the ones that didn't make it.

    3. Take screenwriting classes. I can easily recommend a few.

    4. Get feedback on your writing.

    5. Critique another writer's scripts.

    6. Join a screenwriting group.

    7. Take your favorite screenplay and transcribe it, noticing the choices the writer made.

    8. Select a technique to improve and use it in one or more scenes.

    9. Write the same scene a completely different way:

    -Reverse a scene or character.

    -Increase the stakes

    -Change who prevails in the scene

    -Use a twist to change the end of the scene

    -Put the characters in a worse position

    10. Have another writer write one of your scenes in a completely different way.

    11. Take a character to an extreme to see what other possibilities are available.

    12. Take a line of dialogue or description and rewrite it 10 different ways or more.

    13. Stretch yourself: Give your character an unsolvable problem and then solve it.

    14. Pick a scene in a movie you like and write it. Once you have completed it, read the writer's script for that scene and see how he or she wrote it differently.

    15. Watch a movie, stopping it at the end of each scene. Write down what happened in the scene, how the characters changed, what was the in and out points, and what was the most interesting part of the scene.

    16. Take your best idea and top it in some way! Sometimes, it is not about the writing. It is about the thinking and the breakthroughs and getting used to coming up with fresh ideas. Force yourself to top your best ideas on a regular basis and soon, you'll have the best ideas in Hollywood.

    17. Find out what a producer or reader wants in a script. This can shift your chances dramatically. It may save you from writing something that has no chance of success.

    18. Take an acting class.

    19. Do a read-through with actors.

    20. Shoot a short on DV. For anyone who has done this, you've had the experience of seeing actors bring your script to life. Until you do, you can't imagine the amount of pride and embarrassment you'll experience. But directing even one scene will change how you write.

    21. Give yourself permission to write from your heart with no holding back.

    22. Decide that you will constantly improve your writing until you are one of the best screenwriters there is.

    There you are, 22 ways to shift the odds of your success. Many of which do not even require that you leave your computer. If you're serious about writing, I wouldn't let a day go by without doing at least one of the above.